After the success of our Spring/Summer series, we are busy working on an New Year schedule. 

Stay tuned for exciting sessions to come, but in the meantime, why not catch up on previous webinars below?


Nick Caw
CEO, Capture Ltd

Thu 30th April – 3pm (BST)

How to Build a Business Case Internally – DAM

With the emphasis on digital becoming more apparent in the past few weeks and months, online is a good place to be. Learn how digital technologies are helping to bring together teams and create engagement with wider audiences.

The main focus of the webinar will cover how to create a compelling business case to sell the value of these technologies to stakeholders and unlock budgets – we use digital asset management (DAM) as an example.

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Naomi Korn
Founder and MD, Naomi Korn Associates

wed 13th may – 2pm (BST)

IP and Copyright: Licensing & Protecting within DAMS

This webinar will be of benefit to people looking for an introduction to licensing and protecting your IP assets within a digital asset management system (DAMS).

Key takeaways include understanding the basics of licensing IP assets and copyright, as well as getting to grips with what you need to do next regarding essential steps to achieve full compliance.

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Simon Mallindine CTO

Simon Mallindine
cto, capture Ltd

THU 21ST MAY – 2pm (BST)

Optimising your Assets – Understanding the Basics of SEO

This webinar provides an introduction for those new to SEO, and a refresher for those who are more familiar, on how to optimise your digital, web assets.

Hear an overview on what makes content search engine friendly, how you can improve your ranking – both organically, and through paid methods – and other tips and tricks from Capture’s web and design team.

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Rob Sewell
ceo, smartframe

thu 4th jun – 11am (BST)

Maximising and Maintaining the Revenue Potential of Images and Image Licencing

As traditional image licensing continues to decline, new ways of controlling how our image content is consumed and new means of monetising that image content are required to help the industry evolve.

Hear how image libraries and image owners are being enabled to fully control how their content is distributed, shared and digitally licensed, as well as turn the significant issue of uncontrolled and unauthorised use of their images into a controlled and managed revenue stream.

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Sarah Saunders
Director, electric lane

wed 24th jun – 2pm (BST)

How Discoverable is Your Content? – Keywording in the 21st Century

In an era where anyone and everyone can be content creators, we are all too aware of the importance of making our content discoverable, or otherwise run the risk of it being lost in a digital black hole.

In this webinar, Capture is joined by Sarah Saunders – metadata, image keywording and content retrieval expert – to explain the number of different steps to perfect keywording – to ensure that content within collections and archives never gets lost.

Additionally addressed is the future of searching, metadata and keywording – with the introduction of advancing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, how far can, and will, these processes be automated?

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Geoff Laycock

Geoff Laycock
director, Scan data experts

thu 9th jul – 3:30pm (BST)

Planning a Successful Heritage Digitisation Project 

When embarking on a digitisation project the foundation for a successful outcome is the way that the planning and execution are considered. Often we get focused on digitising the items in our collections when that stage only really represents about 5% of the overall challenge.

When planning your project it is crucial to consider what information you are trying to communicate to your audience and how that information will be captured. The way the information you generate will be made available and discoverable online is a key driver to the planning process.

In this webinar Geoff will cover the key principles of the end-to-end planning of digitisation projects where the content is intended to be made available online.

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Richard Leeming
consultant, Golant Innovation

Wed 26th aug – 10:30am (BST)

Content Strategy for DAMS

This webinar is aimed at people who want to get a better understanding of how to develop, plan and manage the publication of digital assets held in a digital asset management system (DAMS), and come up with content strategies to reach existing and new audiences.

It is designed to be useful for people in management, those developing an organisation’s strategic approach or people in engagement or marketing roles looking to develop their organisation’s approach.

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