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Jamie Wilde is a co-founder of Miro AI, now a part of Greenfly, the Digital Content Distribution platform. He’s an experienced technology leader with a software engineering background who has been specialising in AI & Machine Learning since 2017. Miro AI/Greenfly initially utilised technology to identify athletes and logos in photos and videos. Their services include helping marathons and athletic brands to identify runners using bib-numbers and footwear.

With an emphasis on sport content, Miro has also now developed models that can describe actions in athletic scenes, and improved the recognition of athletes’ faces, even when they are wearing headgear, to automate the process of keywording – or as Miro call it, Annotating – sports media.

Monetise your visual media

How it started

See the timeline of the Miro AI team and technology from inception to current day, and what sports and brands it’s successfully working with.

Monetise your visual media

What AI can do

Jamie gives a detailed overview of what (and how) Miro AI achieves it’s annotation capabilities on sports media content.

Monetise your visual media

Where it’s going

Jamie discusses some of the “next steps” in AI technology for sports media, and what leaps and bounds we can expect in the coming years.


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