Capture now joins a collective of pioneering technology companies that comprise the Sports Technology Alliance, offering clients access to an ever-increasing ecosystem of technology.

Luis Vicente, the Chairman of Apex Capital one of the leading Sports investment funds recently commented to the Global Sports Innovation Centre that:

“one of the biggest challenges of digital transformation nowadays is the lack of cooperation between everyone who has similar interests and challenges. The industry needs to embrace a new ecosystem and actively participate in the design, definition, construction and execution of a new model for Sport.” 

In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives, the sports industry is no exception. From wearable devices tracking athletes’ performance to immersive fan experiences delivered through mobile apps, the rise of connected technology ecosystems has revolutionised the way sports are both consumed and managed. This shift not only benefits fans but also presents a myriad of opportunities for sports rights holders and governing bodies to enhance revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and increase the overall experience for all stakeholders involved.

This increased use and reliance on technology comes with a new set of challenges. How do we ensure this growing expanse of capability operates as a single ecosystem, rather than a disparate collection of point solutions?

Introducing the Sports Technology Alliance

The Sports Technology Alliance (STA) ecosystem facilitates cooperation between technologies to provide rights holders and governing bodies with the scalability, efficiency savings and insight to better identify revenue opportunities across their business. These benefits also enable rights holders and governing bodies outside of the top sporting tiers to access and take advantage of sports technology that might otherwise be beyond both their financial and resource means.

By joining the STA, we stand amongst a collective of market-leading technology providers who offer a range of services driven to design, deliver, and support innovative solutions that enable the growth of sport through:

  • Collaboration – Bringing together innovative providers of technology for sports who can deliver integrated solutions that enable sports organisations to overcome their challenges and thrive.

  • Innovation – Agile businesses that are driven to continually improve in their area of expertise for the benefit of sport. Expect to use partners as a soundboard to introduce new processes, ideas, services, products, and ultimately, innovative ways of working.

  • Integrity – Trust is invaluable when it comes to working with providers of technology for sports and working in partnership. Each STA partner places the utmost importance on ethical behaviours and practices and is dedicated to delivering services in line with the highest industry standards.

DAM technology for football & other sports

“Capture’s extensive capabilities enable rights holders to fully automate the management and distribution of their content based on almost any variable; from content rights and who the end user is to timing and content format. We want to ensure we make it as easy as possible for customers to ingest all of their video and photography content into their Capture media library, as well as enable them to take advantage of the most appropriate means to generate revenue and value” 

We know that content is the central component of how a Sports property or Governing body drives engagement and, ultimately revenue. It’s also a component that becomes increasingly valuable when tied to audience data, membership information, player / athlete profiles, sponsor insight etc, which are the types of capability brought together under the STA.”

– Peter Shackleton, Commercial Director, Capture

Sport 80 Logo

Sport80 and the birth of the STA

But where did it all begin? Jonny Turner, the Chief Operating Officer at Sport:80 explained how the STA came into existence:

Since our incorporation in 2012, Sport80 has always made a concerted effort to partner with like-minded companies to ensure we provide maximum value to our clients.

With our list of global commercial partners growing rapidly, in 2023 we decided to form the Sports Technology Alliance. The collective was formed with collaboration in mind and is designed to bring together best-in-class technology and industry leaders, all working together for the good of the sector.

All members of the STA share a passion for sports and the philosophy that an integrated approach to the use of technology can support sports organisations to become more secure, engaging, and sustainable.

We recognised that no single technology solution can deliver against a sports organisation’s every need, and by coming together as a community to share our knowledge of the industry, we feel the STA can be an extremely valuable tool for our combined communities.

It is a pleasure to welcome Capture to the collective, and we are incredibly excited to begin working with them towards our shared goals.” 

To learn more about our partnership with the Sports Technology Alliance and how we can work to support the needs of sports organisations in storing, distributing and monetising your photo and video content, get in touch with us today.

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