Capture and Recast partner to offer rights holders live video ingestion capability into their Capture media library. Our partnership facilitates ease of distribution through Recast’s unique content syndication platform, enabling monetisation of both live and on-demand video content via micro-payments. 

Consider for a minute the sheer volume of content expected to be produced during the Paris Olympics this year:

  • Over 1.5 million official images
  • 28 billion total video views
  • Over 9,500 hours of video content
  • Equating to 80% of photo and video content for all sports governing bodies across the globe

It’s a stark reminder of the vast quantity of assets created across major events, which continues to increase exponentially each year as rights holders compete for end-user engagement and, ultimately, revenue. With so much content being produced, managing, organising, and making sense of it – let alone being able to effectively generate revenue from non-broadcast content – has become impossible without the right tools in place.

Capture’s live photography workflows have been integral to some of the world’s most notable events, supporting prominent sports photographers for events such as Wimbledon, Tennis Australia, Crufts, and the Olympics for most of the last decade. Capture allows those rights holders to automatically ingest, tag, and publish or distribute content in record times, whilst simultaneously adding content to their media library so it is indexed, accessible and findable for future use. Alongside this, the platform provides users with the industry’s most effective tool for licensing and monetisation.

While thousands of rights holders have monetisable content, subscription models often prove unsuitable or ineffective. Recast’s ‘Digital Wallet’ offers a proven pay-as-you-go approach using credit-based micro-payments, and this is already generating hundreds of thousands in new revenue for rights holders.

By making content more accessible to fans, Recast offers the perfect model for content owners. From monetising dark markets and complimenting OTT (‘Over The Top’, streamed content via internet-connected devices) offerings, to utilising Recast as their direct-to-consumer broadcast solution, Recast gives fans choice. With the choice to subscribe, watch with ads or pay as you go, this content model caters to all audiences whilst simultaneously maximising revenue generation potential.

Capture’s Commercial Director, Peter Shackleton explained:

Capture’s extensive capabilities enable rights holders to fully automate the management and distribution of their content based on almost any variable; from content rights and who the end user is to timing and content format. We want to ensure we make it as easy as possible for customers to ingest all of their video and photography content into their Capture media library, as well as enable them to take advantage of the most appropriate means to generate revenue and value”

two iphone showing Recast and Capture's sport content distribution and monetisation system
Toni Blackhurst, Commercial Director of Recast, commented:

We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Capture to provide content owners with a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Recast is a ‘fintech for media’ solution that brings together loyalty, reward, data capture, reach, engagement and monetisation. The capability for rights holders to download and store their content is becoming increasingly important. Working with Capture enables Recast to offer our publishers the ability to retain their content in one central media library, ensuring all content is accessible, easy to find and, ultimately, monetisable wherever there is demand. Working together will enhance rights holders’ capabilities to maximise content reach and revenue.” 

So how does the Recast Digital Wallet work?

The rights holder can embed their content and Digital Wallet functionality on owned platforms as well as on affiliate sites. Wherever it’s implemented, users can log in, access, and pay for content through micro-transactions with a simple click. The wallet offers a two-way value exchange, rewarding end users with free credits for solicited behaviours such as the sharing of data or engaging with the content.

The ability to embed the rights holder’s content and Recast Digital Wallet to affiliate sites means that sponsors, athletes, partners, and publishers can drive engagement by publishing rights holders’ content, whilst at the same time, generating a revenue share from content viewed on their site(s).

To learn more about our partnership with Recast and how can work to support the needs of sports organisations in storing, distributing and monetising your photo and video content, get in touch with us today.

About Capture

Capture is the leading visual media management platform for rights holders to generate revenue and value through photo and video content distribution. With over 25 years of experience in the Culture, Media and Sports sector, Capture enables rights holders to effortlessly create and operate a rights-managed media library, ensuring that content can be continually used to drive engagement and revenue.

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About Recast

Recast is the fair live content distribution and payment network. Designed for rights holders, agencies and to work in parallel with live content providers, Recast is for anyone who wants to grow the reach AND revenue of their own or their clients’ content whilst offering subscription-free access for their fans. Through Recast’s proprietary distribution and payment technology clients can set up, manage and distribute live video content anywhere across the internet.

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