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Capturing Iconic Sporting Moments? If so, Capture is your star player. You’ll have a visual media management system at your fingertips that helps you maximise all aspects of your assets. Fan engagement. Distribution speed. Revenue. Efficiency. Your media should be seen and shared again and again – so utilise a platform that puts it on the front foot.

Get world-class sports asset management

Olympic Sprinter Starting Blocks
Roger Federer at Wimbledon
Roger Federer at Wimbledon


Our top picks

MVP of Content

The most valuable player in media

The right media management strategy can make you an MVP in the digital game. Maximise all possible revenue streams by choosing a platform that understands what gives a media asset real value.

The commercial potential is there – make sure it’s realised. We know your media is valuable. With our platform, you can put it in front of the right people. Sponsors. Media outlets. Agencies. And through them, the wider world. By providing easy licensing options, distribution, and delivering personalised content directly through the platform, your media will be a commercial matchwinner.


Engagement: the first team pick

There’s a serious crowd of entertainment content already out there. Coming out on top can be a challenge.

Your own visual management platform gives you the tools you need to charge towards poll position. There’s no need to tie your assets to game day, and game day only. Put your assets at the fingertips of your internal marketing teams, sponsors, selected partners and athletes, making sure your media flow is constant, rather than seasonal. Eyes on your visual media all year round will keep fans and users coming back for more, keeping you at the heart of the conversation.

Asset speed

There is no match for speed

Pace and power. That’s a winning combination for sports stars – it’s also what you need from your visual media management system.

With LIVE media workflows – from camera click to editors in seconds – cut through the noise and get your assets in front of people first. You’re in the driving seat. You’re the playmaker. With speed on your side, you’re two steps ahead.

Preserve legacy

Preserve your legacy

Some sporting moments will become a part of history. Make sure it’s your media that lets people relive the magic.

That last-minute goal. The record-breaking lap. The crowd going wild. Every bit of media is a part of your own legacy. Don’t let it be forgotten. Your media archives can be curated into browsable collections and tagged with unique metadata, so they’ll never be lost. They’ll be easily discoverable, for those stepping back in time to find the moment that captured their hearts.

Rights on time

on time

You want your content to be used at the right time, in the right place. As part of your platform you’re in control of the permissions.

Restrict your media where necessary. Keep it hidden from certain users. And make it clear where it can and can’t be used. No funny business. Just the tools you need to keep everything above board.


for Media

When the world is watching, your visual media matters. Utilise the tools you need to put your assets front and centre of the conversation. Meet deadlines. Handle the pressure. And have eyes on your media.

Don’t miss out on a single penny of your asset’s commercial value. As trends, anniversaries or front-page moments emerge, your visual media could be in hot demand at any time.

With Capture’s platform, you’ll have the tools to handle the heat. A full media sales engine. Oversee subscriptions and bundles. Manage invoices and royalty payments. Your full asset financial workflow, all in one place.

Your media is also your history. Create a legacy with your collections, and ensure there’s no such thing as throwaway content. Empowered with the tools to enrich the metadata of every asset, you’ll create an environment for users to find what they’re looking for faster.

BBC News Room | Media
BBC News Room | Media
Digital Camera on Set | Media Assets

Streamline your everyday licensing to keep things simple, from capture to publication. Lay out self-serving licensing in your pricebook, and free up the capacity of your picture and footage desk team. After all, there are only so many hours in a day. Reducing your demanding workload means there’s more time for commercial activity and serving complex requests.

Put your assets at the surface of the search – and keep people coming back for more. Our visual media management system will help your users digest and browse your collections smoothly. And always be across performance with customisable reporting tools – so you know which assets are flying, and which ones need some love.

Keeping on top of your media rights is crucial. You want content to be in front of the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. Rights. Permissions. Visibility. With our platform, you’re always in control of who has access to what. Whenever, wherever, and whoever.


for Culture

Years pass. Generations come and go. Eras are defined, then resigned to the past. But throughout it all, visual media endures at the heart of history. Remain relevant and remain seen with a media management system that will ensure your assets are valued by the people that matter.

Don’t confine your assets to history. Make them discoverable, and they’ll remain valuable for generations to come. There’s money in your media. Let our platform help you make the most of it. License your media to publishers, broadcasters and more. Manage the administration – such as royalties – with minimum hassle using a visual media management system that does the hard work for you and your team.

Capture is vital to internal marketing, comms and press teams, too. Time is money, and our platform optimises efficiency with a smoother, streamlined workflow – helping your teams make better use of their working hours. Finding the media you’re looking for doesn’t get easier than this.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace
Edinburgh Castle in Summer

With rights and permissions tools at your disposal, you’re in control of your media. Your collections will only be utilised by people who have your seal of approval. Rest easy in the knowledge that your digital legacy is in safe hands.

Good technology doesn’t create siloes, it connects them. Pick a visual media management system that slots seamlessly into your current digital ecosystem, from your collections management systems all the way through to payment gateways and reporting tools. That way, your digital assets can become central to your operations without the need for multiple, disconnected platforms. Easy.

Rely on a platform that doesn’t sit still. Changes with the times. Keeps things at the cutting edge. Capture sets the standard for media licensing, so your solution will always be up to scratch. Plus, with your media-led site hosted by WordPress, you’ve got the power to update the look and feel of your collections. So, if the times are changing, you can, too. All on your terms.