More Eyes. Maximise. Monetise.

Our visual media management system goes further than simply housing your assets. From ingestion to distribution, you’re empowered with the tools to get the most out of your visual media.

And that means understanding the real value of your assets. Whether it’s capitalising on commercial opportunities, reducing costs, driving efficiency or saving time – Capture’s platform supports you and your media through the whole asset lifecycle.

Digital asset management workflow
Visual Media Manager
Media manager app
Media Management Asset


Media Manager

Accessing your assets has never been easier.

Our web-based platform means your media is never more than a few clicks away – wherever you are, whenever you need it.

And with customisable automations, smart Hot Folders and flexible file structures, organising and searching your media can become a truly personalised experience.


Website & Distribution

Showcase. Share. Sell.

Understanding the true value of your visual media is essential. From distribution to a full asset licensing engine – we’ll put in the work to make sure you’re earning a real return on your investment.

Reach. Engagement. Revenue. Performance. Personalisation. Enhancement. Results. Whatever you need to achieve with your assets, Capture’s customisable websites deliver. Whether you need a gallery, a user-portal or a shop, we’ve got you covered.

Visual Media Manager
Acquiring value of visual media
Media Management Asset
Licences and loyalties

Licensing and Royalties

Outside of broadcast licensing, the global media licensing market is worth around $7bn annually. Making the right media available through the most appropriate channels for editorial and commercial licensing should be an integral component of any media management strategy.

Capture can manage anything from the most simple to the most complex licensing models, including rights managed, subscription, syndication and embed. With our expert advice, you can build your own pricebook, and have the ability to create invoices and licenses in real-time.

Our Royalties engine is designed to ensure that contributors, photographers, videographers and content creators are recognised and/or remunerated automatically, ensuring that rights holders are always ‘compliant’ with licensing and copyright terms.

Rights and Permissions

Rights and Permissions

Define and manage the media rights of your assets without any hassle. Plus, manage which assets can be seen by which users, so you’re always in control of sensitive or private media.

Make it clear to your teams what can be used, where, and with what attributions. Our platform also lets you personalise permissions for user groups and profiles, allowing for flexible, tiered access and distribution. Want to make it foolproof? Make it Capture.


Metadata &

No more needles and haystacks.

Users want to find the media that matters to them. Our platform helps make it happen. With metadata enrichment and asset organisational tools, improve discoverability and put your visual media in front of people faster.

Plus, with expert advice, smart automations and Artificial Intelligence integrations, adding, editing, updating and organising your Tags couldn’t be simpler.

National Portrait Gallery Building
Metadata – Media management
Visual Media Reporting
User reporting & insights


Reporting & Insights

Keep on top of your performance.

Engagement. Popular search terms. Most downloaded assets​. The more you know, the more you can drive value from your assets. Get the data and analytics you need to make informed decisions, all at your fingertips. ​

And Capture doesn’t only tell you what’s working. It also tells you what’s not. Identify gaps in your metadata or media collection by learning what your users can’t or don’t find, not just what they do.


Platform Personalisation

Each user is unique. Make them feel that way.

Exclusive content. Personalised portals. Tiered access. Automated delivery. It’s all possible. Tailor your platform experience for sponsors, partners or customers so everyone gets the most out of your visual media. ​

Whether your media is shared with a single team or hundreds of unique stakeholders, our platform can deliver a customised experience crafted to their individual needs or permissions.

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The Full Picture

Capture's complete asset workflow model & integration examples

The important bit

Our Packages

Capture – Express

Prices from £250 PCM

Your digital transformation journey starts here. See how effective the right visual media management strategy can be, with a platform that has the flexibility to grow with your needs.

Capture – Pro

Bespoke pricing available

Take your visual media management to the next level. Join some of the world’s most prominent sporting entities, media companies and cultural institutions, who use Capture to manage and elevate the value of their visual media assets.

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What you get

Capture – Express

Capture – Pro

Users & Storage

Administrators Up to 5 5+
Authorised users + 1 2+
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud storage + Up to 1 TB 1 TB+

Search & Organise

Search all your assets ✔ ✔
Assets rights and permissions ✔ ✔
Organise assets ✔ ✔
Keyword content ✔ ✔
Standard workflow ✔ ✔
Advanced keywording & thesaurus ✕ ✔
Custom keyword fields ✕ ✔
Support configuring workflows ✕ + ✔

Distribution & Access

Control portal ✔ ✔
Collaborate on collections ✔ ✔
User groups and permissions ✔ ✔
In-built CRM ✔ ✔
Front-end + 1 1+
Share and collaborate ✔ ✔
Share by URL or email ✔ ✔
Accessibility features ✔ ✔
Bulk distribution ✕ ✔
API Access ✕ ✔
Access to 3rd party integrations ✕ ✔
Submissions module ✕ ✔

Reporting & Insights

Dashboard ✔ ✔
Standard reports ✔ ✔
Support configuring reports + ✕ ✔


Online Help Centre ✔ ✔
Set-up and onboarding ✔ ✔
Named Account Manager
✕ ✔
Standard support SLAs + ✕ ✔
Professional Add-ons ✕ ✔
(+ additional storage upgrades available)

Complete the package

Pro Add-ons

Capture – Pro eCommerce Add-On

Our eCommerce add-on provides all the tools and capabilities you need to deliver and manage self-serve media sales and licensing.

Our eCommerce add-on provides all the tools and capabilities you need to deliver and manage self-serve media sales and licensing.

  • Custom Price Books

  • Flexible Purchase Options

  • Self-Service User Journey

  • Reporting & Insight

  • Financial Management

  • Customer Account Management

  • Contributor Account Management

  • Royalties and Commissions

Not sure which package is right for you? Time for a chat.