Brace yourself. This is the quiet before the Olympic storm where content production reaches unprecedented levels. In fact, an estimated 1.5 million images and almost 10,000 hours of video are captured in just 14 days during the flagship international sporting event.

Consider the staggering statistics. The sheer volume of visual assets produced during the 2024 Paris Olympics alone will likely equate to 80% of photo and video content for all sports governing bodies across the globe. The scale of this content creation is nothing short of monumental.

But, what does this mean? It means the Olympics are going to be incredibly busy! The volume of images and video alone presents several issues when it comes to not only storing but organising your media. Not to mention how you then leverage your media to earn a wage.

“I have covered every Olympic Games since 1984, which means I have shot 15 games in freezing blizzards and oppressive heat. There is nothing like the Olympics and they provide the opportunity to make pictures that are so completely different from what most sports photographers do on a weekly basis. There are enough different events in the track and field alone to produce a book. “

Bob Martin, Leading Sports Photographer quoted in

5 ways to get organised

At the best of times, finding the time to get organised seems like a daunting prospect but in the lead-up to the Olympics, it might feel impossible. The single most effective investment you can make ahead of the Olympics is to find a platform that does this organisation for you.

1. Connect & upload

Find a platform that makes it easy to import all your visual media from various hard drives and online media libraries, ensuring your content is ‘findable’ without the need to navigate your way through complex channels.

2. Tag your images

Inefficiencies in content retrieval lead to significant time wastage, so it’s important to use tags to make your visual media easier to search. This could be by year, sport, location etc. Some platforms have an AI integration to make tagging your images super quick and easy. They can even identify certain players, brands and objects to help you distribute content.

3. Make content easy to get hold of

Sharing passwords to all your various online storage solutions with your team is not only a pain but can quickly get confusing, as well as being a security nightmare. Using a centralised media asset management system will allow you to organise access to all your visuals for multiple users, with tracked, secure, centralised access.

4. Automation

Automating workflows within your sports media platform can help you organise the distribution of your media assets to your stakeholders in a timely manner, helping you get the reach you need and achieve cut-through during the crowded Olympic landscape.

5. Get the most from your staff

Find a platform that will track rights and permissions and even manage royalties for you. The time and talents of your creative teams are much better spent on capturing your story, rather than administering it. With an effective media asset management system, you’ll be able to shift the focus to creating more inspiring visual collateral and use the platform’s insights to tell you just how beneficial your investment has been.

Organise your digital media for the Olympics
Organise your digital media for the Olympics

What’s the solution?

The crunch time around the Olympics demonstrates the critical need for robust sports asset management platforms that organise your visual media effectively. The repercussions of unorganised visual media not only hamper productivity but also impede opportunities for monetisation and commercialisation.

Essentially, if you can’t find the right visual tools to inspire your audience, you’ll fail to create emotive campaigns that motivate your communities to better engage with your sport – leaving you stumbling at the last hurdle.

Capture your story

We know from our 25 years in the sports media space the problems you as governing bodies and sports photographers face, and we’re working hard to resolve them. By providing a centralised platform for visual asset management, Capture empowers organisations to efficiently organise, access, and leverage their visual content.

Capture’s mission goes beyond mere efficiency; it’s about revolutionising the future of sport with our visual media asset platform. Our ability to manage live photo and video ingestion, AI tagging, automated publishing and distribution, content licensing and unlimited rights-based user access empowers sports organisations to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Whether it’s enhancing fan engagement, inspiring participation, attracting sponsors, or driving revenue streams, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

The importance of being able to find and effectively store content in an organised manner cannot be overstated. In a digital ecosystem inundated with content, the ability to gain cut-through is paramount. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of visual media, one thing remains clear: the future belongs to those who harness its potential.

So, get ‘Paris ready’ and capture with purpose. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more.

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