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Capture Commercial Director Peter Shackleton talks to The Business of Sport podcast’s host Andrew James ahead of the International Sports Convention 2024.

The Business of Sports podcast allows for in-depth interviews where guests share their expertise and career journey to date. The episodes are full of great content, topics, and case studies. The Business of Sport gives an opportunity for the next generation of sport business professionals to learn about the variety of careers and opportunities with personal journeys. For those already in the industry, it gives a fresh take on some key subject matters and personal stories of challenge and success.

Monetise your visual media


See the timeline of the Capture software from inception to current day.

From a self-built tool to help a tenacious photo-journalist, all the way up to our current, enterprise level Digital Asset Management solution.

Monetise your visual media


What has changed? Technology is constantly evolving.

Hear about developments and advancements that had the most impact on our own product roadmap and progress.

Monetise your visual media


We talk about the new potential business models for rights management, Artificial Intelligence and Aggregated Collections.

As well as covering how to prove ROI, and the importance of protection and preservation.


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