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Dr Ben Kyneswood is in the Centre for Creative Economy at Coventry University, where his work is all about communities and archives. As part of his work memorialising the archive of Coventry City of Culture 2021, Ben selected Capture as the technology partner to help spearhead his various initiatives. Part of this work has involved incorporating crowd-sourced keywording and metadata for the vast amounts of found media that is centred around the city of Coventry, it’s communities and it’s history. In this presentation, Ben discusses the work of that project, whilst contrasting it against the backdrop of the recent explosion of AI, computer generated Metadata, and how that can contribute (or not) to archival collections.

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About Ben

Ben discusses his background, work, and how he first started working with the Coventry City of Culture 2021 archive and collections. Ben has been a Capture customer for over 3 years.

Monetise your visual media

About Coventry.Digital

Ben talks about the Coventry.Digital project, from it’s beginnings as a simple memorialisation of the City of Culture Archives through to the larger community project it has become now.

Monetise your visual media

About Crowdsourced Metadata

Ben delves deeper into a specific section of the archive, the Arthur Cooper collection, and how using community crowd-sourcing he was able to gather both useful and meaningful details and insight into the assets he was working with.


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