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A snapshot of the Capture platform, highlighting the features and benefits that make us an industry-leading solution for Visual Media Management.

Monetise your visual media


Capturing Iconic Sporting Moments? If so, Capture is your star player. You’ll have a visual media management system at your fingertips that helps you maximise all aspects of your assets.

Fan engagement. Distribution speed. Revenue. Efficiency. Your media should be seen and shared again and again – so utilise a platform that puts it on the front foot.

Monetise your visual media


When the world is watching, your visual media matters. Utilise the tools you need to put your assets front and centre of the conversation.

Meet deadlines. Handle the pressure. And have eyes on your media.

Monetise your visual media


Visual media endures at the heart of history. Remain relevant and remain seen with a media management system that will ensure your assets are valued by the people that matter.

Don’t confine your assets to history. Make them discoverable, and they’ll remain valuable for generations to come. There’s money in your media. Let our platform help you make the most of it. License your media to publishers, broadcasters and more.


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