Capturing the Thrill of the Game with DAM

Today we dive into the dynamic world of match photography in football. Our focus: how a robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform redefines the creative process, enabling near real-time access to match photography. Much like what we’re doing for Lewes FC.

Here, we explore the stages of a typical media asset lifecycle: Plan, Create, Manage, Distribute, Optimise, and Preserve. Understand how a DAM platform like Capture empowers you to engage live with your audience(s), capturing and sharing the electrifying moments of the game in real time.

The Asset Lifecycle


Picture this: the stadium roars with excitement as the much-anticipated football match begins. The social media team is on standby, ready to unleash a flurry of captivating match photography to engage with fans in real-time. The Planning stage is all about having a well-coordinated strategy, as well as the technological solutions, to capture the thrill of the game.


Armed with high-quality cameras, photographers snap away, capturing those heart-stopping moments as they unfold. But the real magic happens within the DAM platform. Its lightning-fast ingest capabilities allow photographers to quickly share images, empowering stakeholders with near real-time access to the match photography. Editing, Approvals and Templates can all be done within the DAM.


Each photograph is promptly tagged with automatic, manual or AI metadata, indicating anything from players names, goals, or other significant moments. The DAM’s powerful search functionality enables social media managers to find the perfect shot in seconds. These metadata tags can also be used to auto-populate albums and collections for personalised, curated views.


As the game progresses, social media managers are quick to select the most gripping shots and share them across various platforms. Partnership managers can give Sponsors immediate access to eye-catching media where their branding is front and centre. And curated albums can be pushed to media outlets globally. With DAM’s seamless distribution, stakeholders and fans receive a front-row seat to the action, experiencing the game as if they were in the stadium.

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As the match unfolds, you can gauge your audience(s) reactions to the match photography, then identify which images resonate the most and use this insight to tailor your content strategy. This real-time optimisation enhances engagement and drives continuous improvement.


The football match may be over, but the legacy of the match photography lives on in the DAM. The platform safeguards every moment captured, allowing you to relive the excitement and reuse these assets for future campaigns.

And There’s More

The benefits of Capture stretch even further than this typical Asset Lifecycle. With our Visual Media Management ecosystem, it’s not just about the journey from Live to the Archive. We’re all about MAXIMISING the value of your assets. Without adding extra work.

Exciting partnerships with technology pioneers like SmartFrame mean we can also offer integrations that drive even more ROI and revenue from your media. SmartFrame’s Image Streaming solution not only protects your precious media from misuse and theft, it also leverages the power of advertising to drive incremental revenue.

Capture also has an e-Commerce Add-on available, turning your image library site into a shop front. Self-service image and video licensing, already trusted by the BBC, British Pathé and News International, gives you another effort-free revenue stream.

Need to manage royalties for freelance photographers? We’ve got you covered in our Finance module. Want to handle video clipping and editing too? No problem. Want an option for User Generated Content to be uploaded, approved and managed within your collection? Piece of cake.

Honestly, it’s easier to talk about what we can’t do.


The lifecycle of the perfect asset is always powered by a robust DAM platform. From planning and creation to distribution and preservation, DAM empowers you to engage with your audiences live, later and for the lifetime of your media… And for that media to continue to provide a return on your investment throughout.


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