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Sarah Saunders is a specialist in DAM systems, metadata and image keywording and retrieval. Sarah supplies an industry standard thesaurus, KT Thesaurus, which has been used in a number of major GLAM institutions and is the author of the CEPIC/IPTC Metadata Handbook. She has been working on image management and archiving projects for over 20 years.

Monetise your visual media


How do you go about improving your metadata and therefore, your users’ search results and overall experience?

Users want accuracy, relevance and speed. How do you achieve this?

Monetise your visual media

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can machines do the job? If so, how? How do you teach the machine?

What about keywording trees and a thesaurus – isn’t that a kind of automation?

Monetise your visual media


Can you do it yourself? If you do, will it cost the earth and take you forever?

Some practical tips on how to hit the target when it comes to keywording.


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