The subject of AI has become unavoidable in relation to multimedia content over the last 18 months, with 1 in 5 of the new billion-dollar startups joining Crunchbase’s ‘Unicorn Board’ in 2023 being artificial intelligence companies, the rate of investment and development is phenomenal, creating an exponential variety of ways on which AI technologies can be used. From images to videos, AI is enhancing our capabilities to process, analyse, and create content in ways previously unimaginable.

While the potential benefits of AI are monumental, distinguishing between reality and marketing hype has proven challenging. Content owners find themselves in a dilemma, struggling to make informed decisions about the actual benefits of AI for their content and the intricacies involved in achieving the result they ideally want.

AI tagging and AI visual search tools have emerged as significant aids for content owners and users alike. These tools facilitate quicker and more effective content tagging and retrieval. That statement comes with a caveat however as the performance of these AI tools varies across different content types. AI requires tailored training to identify specific objects that users commonly seek, leading to a landscape filled with hype, noise, and a certain reticence surrounding the achieved performance and Return on Investment (ROI).

Try AI logo - Capture's latest DAM feature

At Capture, we believe that customers deserve the ability to make informed decisions based on how AI tools perform with their specific content. This month, Capture is pleased to be announcing Try AI. A new feature enabling Capture users to cut through the hype, complexity and noise of AI quickly, easily and at minimum cost.

Launching February 6th 2024 with support for the excellent Microsoft Azure AI engine, Capture users simply select still image assets for automated keyword and captioning – hit a button and see just what AI makes of their content in seconds.  Choosing to use use, edit or reject generated content is a quick and easy part of the workflow.

Increasing content quality whilst saving time and money in the process has never been easier!

Customers can effortlessly choose assets within their existing Capture platform, select their preferred engine, and instantly receive automated descriptions and sets of keywords for each asset. The AI engine’s output can be assessed alongside existing keywords, allowing users to accept, reject, or merge the generated data seamlessly.

Once customers identify the right engine or blend for their content, the process can be automated for content tagging upon ingestion. Given the constant learning capabilities of AI tools, tags can be updated at any frequency, enhancing both accuracy and relevance of search terms.

Try AI Visual of Capture's DAM software

At Capture, our perspective on AI transcends the artificial – it’s about intelligence, empowerment, and enriching the user experience. If you’re eager to explore and activate TryAI, visit our support site page for detailed activation instructions.

Try AI Visual of Capture's DAM software

For those not yet utilizing Capture, we invite you to experience it firsthand with our free trial. Get in touch with us, and embark on a journey of intelligent multimedia management.

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