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This guide focuses on building a compelling business case for Digital Asset Management (DAM) and effectively communicating its value to stakeholders and investors.

It covers the basics of DAM, categorises business cases into Commercial, Access, and Technology drivers, provides a sample executive summary and business case outline, and highlights the benefits of DAM for content organisation, collaboration, cost savings, compliance and more.

Monetise your visual media


Commercial: Emphasises revenue generation, speed, personalisation, and cost savings.

Access: Highlights centralised storage, teamwork, working smarter, and control.

Technology: Addresses security, trusted tech, compliance, and innovation.

Monetise your visual media


Provides a comprehensive structure for building a business case for DAM.

Covering executive summary, challenges, DAM software overview, business benefits, ROI analysis, strategic alignment, risks, vendor selection, implementation plan, training, success metrics, and conclusion.

Monetise your visual media


Explores what is to gain from Capture’s specialised solution.

From IT and storage cost savings, integration capabilities, analytics insights, brand consistency, content creation, rights management, advertising, digital transformation all the way through to legacy and archiving


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