Keeping all your visual media in one place is essential for optimising efficiency. With a visual media management system for digital assets, you can forget needles and haystacks. Instead, you’ll be working with an impeccably organised media library that will help you get the most value from each asset.

A staggering 1.81 trillion photos are taken each year. To better visualise that number, that’s 1,810,000,000,000.

How can you ensure your own visual media isn’t forgotten among those many zeroes? How can you stop it being consigned to a dusty hard drive, never to fully realise its potential?

Another scary figure: in 2023, companies will replace $300 billion worth of digital assets that are either lost, misplaced or duplicated. And with so many different sources feeding into your media library, it’s easy to see how this happens. Assets can slowly rack up across dozens of inaccessible devices and cloud storage platforms, becoming more disparate and more difficult to find.

The more scattered your assets become, the more likely they are to fall into the forgotten noughts of that 1.81 trillion. Lost to the ether, you’ll either have to do without them, or else spend money to replicate them. Neither of those options are going to get the most value from your assets. So instead, when it comes to your visual media, together is better. And here’s why.

Your media, your legacy

Knowing the value of your visual media is critical to success. Single-use is not the way to go, and with post-live experts like Capture on your side, you can extend the lifecycle of your assets far beyond the seconds and hours after they were captured.

Of course, getting your assets from camera-click to editor’s desk in mere seconds is crucial. In a recent Q&A piece, our commercial director Peter Shackleton highlighted our work with the All England Tennis Lawn Club at Wimbledon in 2022, which saw an image taken, approved and published on the Wimbledon Twitter account in two minutes.


But what about beyond those two minutes? Or even the days after the golden moment is captured? Ensuring your assets aren’t lost after they have served their initial use is essential to building your legacy – and ensuring you don’t waste time and money duplicating content that already exists. Keeping your visual media findable – for marketing teams, stakeholders and sponsors – will extend its use, and enhance its value. From event anniversaries to player montages, you never know when assets might become relevant or useable again. The trick is to keep them all in one easily searchable media library.

The right people, at the right time

Key to realising the true value of your assets is ensuring they are put in front of the right people, at the right time. By having all your visual media stored in one, well-organised place, you have the tools to serve each user the content that is relevant to them.

Putting all your assets in front of every one of your users isn’t effective. What each individual stakeholder considers useful, useable content may differ dramatically from your internal marketing teams or sponsors. With Capture, you can personalise user access to deliver the right visual media to the right people. If everything is in one place, your broad offering can be honed to your different users.

A well-oiled machine

Your media library is only as effective as its searchability. Imagine the 1.75 million annual visitors of the British Library arriving through its doors only to find that its collection of more than 13 million books had absolutely no categorisation or order. Pure chaos.



Why wouldn’t the same apply to digital assets? Having them stored together is one thing, but if they have been piled high without any categorisation, they are as good as useless. That’s why a visual media management platform like Capture is so essential: it makes each piece of visual media in your media library findable.

Metadata enrichment and asset organisation tools make it easy for users to find the media that matters to them. With the added benefits of smart automation and AI integration further streamlining the process, your users can search and filter based on expert-endorsed metadata frameworks, or even your own custom fields. In an age when ease is everything, using a visual media management platform that cuts out the complexity and cuts down the search time is a surefire way to turn your media into a tangible, commercial asset.

Time is money

Without the need to go rifling through hard drives and cloud platforms to find all your content, your internal teams are saving time. And time is money.

If your marketing team is wasting hours trawling through disorganised, disparate libraries for the assets they need, then they’re not spending that time adding commercial value to the business. Equally, if your stakeholders or sponsors are forced to dig around for content, the chances are they’ll quickly give up. The value of a visual media management platform that allows for easy surfacing and sharing of content is clear. Cut out the tedious administrative tasks for your marketing and design teams, and the time-savings made can translate into better creative outputs, better commercial results, and a better legacy for your visual media.


A visual media management platform holds the key to extracting the most value from each digital asset. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you bring your visual media under one roof.

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