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With footfall in museums still below pre-pandemic levels, there remains a need for the UK heritage sector to find alternative ways to share its archives with the world. Cultural value aside, the economic benefits of doing so are now evident, too. The tide is turning, and many heritage organisations will already be embarking on the process. The key to success lies in truly understanding how digitisation works and having an effective plan in place. The building blocks of a successful digitisation project are all in the planning. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Project Strategy and Project Planning to ensure your digitisation project goes down in heritage history… for the right reasons.

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Why Digitise?

Research from the Natural History Museum in 2021 concluded that fully digitising its archives would contribute more than £2 billion to the global economy.

The ‘introduction, development and use of digital technologies has been accelerated by the pandemic’ – Don’t miss the boat!

Monetise your visual media

Project Strategy

How to identify your audience and define the aims of your heritage digitisation project. Maybe some of this was already defined in your Business Case?

Includes overviews on conservation, accessibility, research, virtual & in person exhibitions, planning & curation, collaboration, metadata and cataloguing, crowdsourcing, amalgamation and more.

Monetise your visual media

Project Planning

From assessing your collection and the associated data you hold on it, to considering copyright status and rights, all the way through to deciding precisely how to digitise, we walk you through step-by-step all the things you’ll need to consider.

We also delve into the details of metadata, how to manage your digital assets once they’ve been created, and how to ensure that all this hard work makes your content more accessible and discoverable for years to come.


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