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Helping publishers turn the page on old media models.

A web-based platform accessible anywhere in the world and from any device. Encourage freelancers to be not just an extension, but an integral part of the team.Our product is for businesses and institutions that create media and/or manage rights who need to collate, manage, protect, and deliver value from their digital assets. We can offer you a digital asset management service that delivers flexible, end to end workflow tools to manage the life cycle of digital assets from creation to realisation of value

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Flexibility at its core

A solution must be built to work with you, not against you. Our tailored and flexible solutions allow your users to digest content in different ways so, with a little help from Capture, you’ll be able to serve them quickly and efficiently wherever they are.

Digital Asset Management

Accessible – anywhere, everywhere

As content curation is becoming even more important, organisations need a digital asset management system capable of retrieving and managing assets at a deep level to prevent them from being lost in the digital ether.

Accessibility and discoverability are key for assets to become viable and licensable. Our web-based platform allows freelancers to become not just an extension, but an integral part, of your team.

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