Capture, a leader in digital asset management for over 20 years, has announced the integration of SmartFrame’s unique image-streaming technology into its WEBSITE 3 platform. Upcoming implementations will also introduce optional image-monetising functionality, giving Capture’s partnership with SmartFrame even greater potential for our customers.

Capture’s WEBSITE 3 service already combines the company’s digital asset management system with its business and e-commerce solutions, making it a logical option for global brands, museums and rights owners looking to take full control over their assets. This latest partnership will allow its customers to take additional advantage of SmartFrame’s unprecedented image-protection controls and its full suite of presentation options.

Capture is continuously striving to deliver technology that enables its customers to operate as efficiently as possible, whilst maximising the potential value of their digital assets. Capture Founder and Chairman, Abbie Enock, commented,

“We are always seeking partners with world-class solutions that solve the many challenges our customers face. In working with SmartFrame, we now have a complimentary offering that addresses the very real and growing challenge of infringement. Having an integrated offering means our clients have a seamless solution that gives them a platform to promote their assets with confidence.”


SmartFrame’s technology not only allows content owners to encrypt and securely publish their images, but it further supports the delivery of ultra-high-quality images without any impact on page load speeds. By doing so, it provides customers with the ability to publish images at a higher resolution than usual, without fear of unauthorised image theft nor any detrimental effects on the user experience. Furthermore, thanks to optional in-image advertising, Capture customers can quickly monetise existing images to broaden their revenue streams.

Currently employed by a range of organisations, brands and individual content creators, SmartFrame’s image-streaming platform also furnishes users with data on image views and interactions, which helps them to better understand how viewers choose to interact with their work. Furthermore, in line with other audio- and video-streaming services, the nature of image delivery prohibits any unauthorised access to the copyright holder’s original content.

Rob Sewell, CEO of SmartFrame Technologies Ltd, underlined the importance of the integration with Capture.

“We’re delighted to be working with an organisation that has such a robust track record within digital asset management, not to mention a fantastic team and an enviable customer base. In developing SmartFrame, we have been focused on providing content owners with the ability to control and protect their image content – wherever it resides online – and we’re excited to deliver this along with our monetisation options to Capture’s customer base. SmartFrame is a natural extension of Capture’s service, and we couldn’t be more pleased with this new partnership.”

SmartFrame will be available as part of the Capture WEBSITE 3 platform from March 2020.

About Capture

Capture is a leader in digital asset management. Specialising in media management, rights, licensing, metadata, finance and royalties, Capture’s configurable solutions and expert services help a range of organisations – covering museum and heritage, commercial image agencies, global brands and government bodies – to manage, protect, license and maximise the value of images, video, documents, and all other digital content.

About SmartFrame Technologies

Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies is a London-based software provider, whose aim is to redefine the digital image standard for the benefit of photographers, visual artists and organisations. Through its SmartFrame platform, the company has a global footprint of clients and partners using its technology to protect, track, control, present and monetise their content.


To find out more about our partnership with SmartFrame, see here.

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