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Following on from our presentation “What makes a digital asset truly valuable?”, CEO Nick Caw and CTO Simon Mallindine discuss the mistakes and missteps that entities often make when going through a digitisation project.

Monetise your visual media

More than Software

Having a DAM system is only as good as the people managing it.

Consider the full lifecycle of your assets, and how to optimise your software, strategies and workflows to maximise their ROI.

Monetise your visual media


The goal should be getting all your assets into one place, and organised by a consistent, defined structure and ruleset.

The most effective collections form a “single source of the truth” for your users.

Monetise your visual media


Constantly review, update and optimise your collections, and how you organise, categorise and present them.

It’s about getting the right content, at the right time, in front of the right people.


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