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A presentation from Copyright and IP Specialist, Matthew Bailey, whose expertise spans the Culture and Heritage sector as well as Science, Technology and Medicine. Matthew talks the practicalities of Open Access as well as how to balance this against a revenue-generation model that also sees you licensing some of your content.

Monetise your visual media

Open Access

A brief definition and history of Open Access (OA) – what it is and how it works in practise.

Also, a breakdown of the different kinds of Open Licenses available and what those mean for you and your audience.

Monetise your visual media

Achieving Balance

How the Science, Technology & Medicine and GLAM sectors balance free to use assets and revenue generating, licensable assets.

One size does not fit all, so how do you measure the success of OA?

Monetise your visual media


How to effectively manage digital assets and their associated rights.

This is crucial to not only be able to manage distribution and access to assets that will be freely available, but also to commercialise and license content for income generation purposes.


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