As a sporting entity, you need your visual media to be visible and accessible. You need it put in front of the right people. Otherwise, the opportunities that your content offers are wasted. There’s no debating that these days, sport is a business. And to ensure your own business succeeds, you have to be commercially savvy with your content. Sponsorship deals, licensing revenue, fan engagement: these are all chances to take things to the next level. Media Asset Management can help you get there.

There are always winners and losers in sport. We watch teams hoist trophies, and athletes break records. Others are resigned to picking themselves up and dusting themselves off. It’s the nature of the games we enjoy so much.

But what about the winners behind the cameras? Those that own the content that will be spread across social media in a matter of minutes, stuck on billboards for weeks, and shared across every platform imaginable when anniversaries roll around and that one moment continues to be relived – again and again. These winners are the content owners that truly maximise the value of their visual media.

Sporting entities across the country have gold dust content, but it needs to be utilised for them to get ahead of the game – which is why media asset management is crucial. The good news? Capture helps you do exactly that. As a media asset management system that’s built to benefit owners of valuable sport content, you have all the tools you need to be a winner. Below, we outline how our platform can help you take poll position in a crowded field.

Maximise Media Value

Quality content is valuable. It can take a media asset management platform like Capture to help you fulfil its true potential. There is a hunger for sporting content like never before, and those that own this content have the power to capitalise on this surging demand.

So, what can a media asset management platform do for sporting entities? For one, Capture can ensure you receive the direct monetary value of each piece of content through its own streamlined licensing tools. Your very own, self-serving ecommerce website can be geared towards your selected choice of audience; whether your content is available to the public, or only a select number of approved users, is entirely up to you. And whoever you grant access to, those users can license content themselves – and utilise our full financials and royalties engine to simplify the process.

These tools will help you to make the content truly yours, so that if others want to use it, you are compensated. The value of your content goes far deeper than direct licensing, though. While it’s a necessity to protect your content, it can also serve further commercial purposes. Sporting entities should think big with their visual media.

Why not use your high-value content as a way of attracting sponsorships? After all, what better way to attract and add value to a sponsor than offering them access to approved visual media assets that, if they were to invest, could contain their own branding front and centre. They become an integral part of your sport – and your sport becomes an integral part of their brand. Everyone’s a winner. With a digital asset management platform like Capture, you remain in total control of who has access and usage of your content; arrange it into curated groups, and, decide which content is available to each user through permissions controls. That way, you’re creating a unique experience for them. Not a bad tool to use in your sponsorship sales pitch.

Capture’s value-add doesn’t stop there. You already know the importance of putting your content in front of the right people. But what about newsrooms, publishers and others that propel your content to new heights and wider audiences? Capture can help distribute your visual media to the right agencies, who have a broad reach and can sell your content to the wider world. With more reach and more eyes, you’ll generate more awareness and more opportunities. And that’s how you’ll reap the rewards of your valuable visual media.

Engagement: The name of the game

At the heart of sport lies the athletes and the fans. Powerful visual media plays a huge part in connecting the two, which is why sporting entities need to remain on top form when managing their visual content. Having the fans on side and engaged with your sport, your athletes and your brand optimises your chances of increasing revenue. Which is why there’s another crucial relationship in sport: engagement and participation, and the income that these can generate.

This can take time but increasing fan engagement can encourage wider participation with the sporting entity, and with the sport itself. We should never underestimate the positive impression that sporting achievements can leave on others. A young sports fan may see an Olympian win gold at weightlifting or swimming and feel inspired to join their local club. Visual media gets the fans on board. It brings the sport direct to them and keeps them engaged with your brand as a result.

This is why you shouldn’t underestimate visual media as a driver for revenue. Media asset management software for sports like Capture put visual media in the hands of your marketing teams, who connect your brand to your audience.

It doesn’t stop there. You can also give your content to your sponsors as a way of facilitating engagement. Allowing your sponsors to use your approved content and piggybacking off their own campaigns is another way to boost engagement with your brand. Exposure is exposure, and the more eyes on your brand the better, right?  Effective media asset management facilitates that.

Time is money

By now, it’s clear that there are endless ways to maximise the value of your content. And while your visual media is valuable, so is your time. This is why efficiency matters when managing your assets. Whether you’ve got a need for speed (via our LIVE content workflows) or want to optimise your internal operations by keeping all your content in perfect order, a digital asset management platform like Capture helps keep you one step ahead.

Pace and power is a winning combination for athletes. It’s equally essential for your content. Capture’s LIVE content workflows cut through valuable time, so your content can move from the click of a camera to an editor’s desk in seconds. The nature of our online world – and social media in particular – means there is an insatiable demand for visual sporting media to be shared as it happens. No waiting for tomorrow’s front pages. We want it, and we want it now.

The need for instantly reliving those peak sporting moments is the norm. If your sporting entity can deliver it, you’ve got a sure-fire way of increasing engagement and boosting popularity.

But what good is it to have a lightning-fast workflow when your content is disorganised? You might have more than one team that needs to use your visual media. Marketing. Press and Communications. Brand Management. Even the athletes themselves. So, you can’t have the content saved all over the place. Doing so would limit access and visibility– and could close your windows of opportunity for maximum engagement.

Capture offers a platform that can be used as a single source of truth. All your content, both new and old, stored, tagged, organised, presented and accessible. To boost efficiency further, it allows you to integrate the existing tech that you know and love, allowing your content to travel through its lifecycle seamlessly. Pull it directly into campaigns with marketing tools, or fire it out on social media.

Time is money, and if you aren’t having to trawl through reams and reams of poorly arranged content to find what you need, then the financial benefits are clear. With all your visual media at your fingertips, you aren’t leaving any potential opportunities on the table. Plus, there’s no chance of you needing to arrange a reshoot because your content is lost in a nondescript hard drive. It’s all there waiting for you, so you can curate your archives in a way that best you.

A lasting legacy

We know the benefits of immediate content – but its shelf life is much longer than the match game. The best sporting entities are building a brand and a legacy. Wherever your sporting business is in its journey, visual content is one of the most effective ways to build and preserve that legacy.

Visual media is not something to be used once and then discarded. If you can hold onto it, arrange it into accessible archives and re-visit it when the time is right, you can squeeze additional value out of those premium pieces of content. The next iconic sporting moment or historical anniversary is just around the corner. If your content has a place in the narrative, then it needs to be in front of people.

Capture helps you get the right content in front of the right people, at the right time. Browsable collections. Metadata tagging. Varied levels of access for your teams and sponsors. So the next time a record is broken, or a sporting hero is celebrated, your content can be at the centre of the story. Your visual media is the heart and soul of your sporting entity; yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Utilise it all with Capture, and make sure you’re one of the winners.

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