How do we make sure that the right people, see the right visual media, at the right time? We sit down with our Commercial Director, Peter Shackleton, to unpack the million-dollar question.

Peter Headshot“Life is about timing.”

So said Carl Lewis. A man who has won nine Olympic gold medals and was once voted ‘World Athlete of the Century’ will know a thing or two about timing, so we’d be inclined to agree with him.

Carl understands the importance of photo finishes, too. Luckily, so do we. Our visual media management platform is all about helping the owners of valuable media assets use timing to their advantage. In this industry, split-seconds count. And of course, it’s the perfect photo or injury time goal that makes the headlines. But it’s the work behind the scenes that is often the real game changer.

The right people. The right visual media. The right time. It is these three objectives that help to elevate the assets of Capture users. In the moments after they are taken, yes. But over the long term, too. We don’t want to limit visual media to a short lifespan when it has the potential to be used and reused – time and time again.

How exactly does Capture help its customers tackle the key challenges associated with visual media, and reap the most value from each asset? Our Commercial Director, Peter Shackleton, has the answers.

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Q. How can Capture create value past the initial, instantaneous use of any given asset?

A visual media management system like Capture ensures speed and agility, so one of the key benefits is the streamlined journey that we can facilitate. Assets can move from a camera click to an editor’s desk in just a few seconds, which is incredible in itself. But we’re not just about the instant win. We’re also helping media owners build their legacy, creating something that lasts and that can be reused.

Getting the most value for money from your content means using it to maximum effect. A digital asset management platform houses all your legacy and archival content in one place, logically organising it and making it easy to search, from content teams to stakeholders. So, there’s no need for anyone to dig through dusty hard drives or tons of untagged cloud albums to find the right piece of content.

Why is this important? For one, it’s a time saver. Your assets are stored under one impeccably organised roof. What’s more, it’s saved and tagged to ensure it can be found easily. And if it can be reused, there’s no need to waste time duplicating content in future. Its legacy lives on far beyond the final whistle.

Q. Can you explain how a visual media management system like Capture can streamline distribution?

The world of online content has supercharged the demand for visual media to the point where it needs to be shared instantly. Think about the winning photo of a pin-point free kick, or a golfer celebrating a hole-in-one; moments so spectacular that the sportsperson starts trending on Twitter. Seconds matter, and if your assets aren’t in the right hands at the right time then they’re losing their value.

Take our work at last year’s Wimbledon Championships. It broke BBC records, with coverage garnering 53.8 million streaming viewers across the two-week tournament – more than 20 million higher than the previous year. That’s a lot of eyes and a lot of people engaged in the conversation.

These weren’t the only impressive numbers at the 2022 tournament. Working closely with the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Capture helped to produce serious results around live media workflows. The spectacular clash between Rafael Nadal and Taylor Fritz had the Twittersphere in awe. Ensuring it was a leader in the discourse, the official Wimbledon account posted a photo of the match as it happened – almost literally. An official image taken at 18:47 was approved by an editor, published and distributed in just 47 seconds – and was tweeted out by the Wimbledon account by 18:49. A workflow enabled by Capture produces streamlined workflows that once seemed impossible.


Q. How does a visual media management system ensure the right people see the right assets?

With so much visual media out there, people want to see content that is truly personal to them. We want to see content that matters to us. The type of photo or video that stops us in our scrolling tracks.

This process can start with a visual media management system like Capture. One of its primary benefits is that it puts the power in your hands. You decide who sees your content and when. Beyond your marketing and design teams, you can open content access to your sponsors and stakeholders. They want content that speaks to their audience, and you can give it to them through a personalised portal. That means the right assets are landing in the right hands – 24/7.

Take our work with Socialie as a prime example. Integrating with our platform, the content distribution company also worked alongside Tennis Australia to push content from their Capture DAM directly to players through its app. From here, the players could post this content to their own social channels with minimal effort and minimal fuss.

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