At Capture, we’ve set ourselves a challenge – collectively getting in as many steps as possible, every day.

Why are we doing this?

We set a rough target of 6,000,000 steps a month across the company. For a team of 25, that’s quite a challenge. But it’s all for a worthy cause.

Other than kicking that lockdown laziness and encouraging ourselves to get active, the main motivation for reaching our goal is raising money for our nominated charities.

Each quarter, we work to raise money for a different charity, all of which have been nominated and voted for by the team.

How are we doing it?

The team aren’t just clocking up steps through walking; gardening, cycling, playing padel, home workouts, decorating are just a handful of ways the team are keeping busy, and converting their activities into steps.

Furthermore, in December, we announced that from now on, for every £1 we raise for charity, we will also be donating £1 to carbon offsetting projects – an extra incentive for us to make time to get those steps in!

How it’s going so far?

Since the start of the challenge, the team have collectively taken over 36 million steps and 15,090 miles.

In total, we have raised nearly £1000 to share between the charities Healing ALS, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and Marie Curie Nurses. This quarter, we’re stepping to raise money for the MS Society.

Subsequently, staff have found the challenge has had a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing – as well as encouraging a healthy bit of competition among the keen steppers!

We look forward to continue sharing how we are getting on with our challenge, and the impact it has, over the coming months.

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