Capture is a leader in enterprise-grade media management systems and solutions that include rights, licensing, metadata and royalties.

We provide a range of software products and services that provide benefits and opportunities to the challenges of digital asset management – streamlining workflow and increasing productivity and efficiency.  We bring a whole new meaning to Software as a Service (SaaS) – not only do we consult closely with our clients to provide an online solution that works best for them, but we can also act as an extension to a client’s organisation by providing outsourcing services to complement the DAM system, such as; keywording and tagging through Capture Studio.
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Protect it, Manage It, Sell It

Save time and money by storing your correctly keyworded images, videos and all digital assets in our powerful centralised web-based platform.
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The Capture Platform

Capture Media

Management of all types of digital assets including photos, videos, audio, documents, illustrations.

Capture Keyworder

State of the art keywording and metadata tool which allows users to upload, caption and categorise assets consistently and efficiently.

Capture Greenlight

Designed to eliminate, through early detection, many of the technical errors associated with images provided by contributing photographers and agencies.

Capture Submissions

Sophisticated photo editing and model release tool which allows photos to be mark-up before they flow into your digital asset management system.

Capture Website

Front end solution for the internet or intranet and combined with the Capture back-office solutions this product combines to provide a powerful combination.

Capture Distributor

Provides for the smooth distribution of digital assets and automatically prepares metadata for agents worldwide.

Capture Financials

Provides a complete accounting package and has all the features you would expect from a sophisticated and comprehensive accounts system and includes full reporting.

Capture Desk

A highly efficient web-based project organiser for picture buyers and picture researchers which addresses all the needs and challenges faced when sourcing photos.


Try Capture Desk – your media research tool.

See how easy it is to organise your image projects with Capture Desk.

Key benefits – managed rights safely, streamline your workflow, work on multiple projects, drag and drop functionality, real-time collaboration and patented technology

Get started today – there’s a free version to try with up to 50 images. Full versions start from only £99 per year, excluding VAT.

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Our diverse range of clients present us with a variety of projects and challenges – the flexibility and scope of our products and services means we offer solutions to many different sectors.

250 years of collective team experience!

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