Capture takes a comprehensive approach to the continuity of service provision. Recently, this has required us to consider the potential impacts to our company and the services we provide, as the result of a sustained and expansive outbreak of COVID-19.

Our current view is that we do not foresee a significant impact to the operation of our services and wanted to provide some detail regarding our approach.

Capture has a Business Continuity Plan which covers three areas of consideration during any situation that has the ability to impair the normal operations as follows:

Impact to systems – does the event have a potential impact on the systems used to deliver and support our customers, including our hosted platform and internal tools?

Impact to location – are the current primary locations from which we deliver our services to you affected?

Impact to people – are we prepared should there be impact to the people responsible for delivering service and our ability to interact with you, our customers?

Listed below is a high-level overview of our assessment for each area in relation to COVID-19. We should note that there are significantly more elements that relate to our business continuity efforts that are beyond the scope of this communication.

Impact to systems

There are no known impacts to either our hosted platform or our internal systems and we do not anticipate an increased load on these systems.

Impact to locations

There are two key sites considered within our Business Continuity Plan. These are our data centre and our primary office, both based in the UK.

We have always had flexible working policies in place, which gives all staff the option to work remotely, should they need to. As a team, we are used to working remotely for days with nominal impact to activities, and many of us are currently working remotely due to the latest advice from the government and health authorities.

All staff have laptops and all our software and tools are cloud based, as well as our services being designed for remote administration. We are confident we are going to be able to continue to offer our services in this way for significant periods of time.

We are in regular contact with our data centre provider, who we are confident have similarly robust plans in place.

Impact to people

We have the resource to ensure continued operations through a combination of employees and subcontractors. All colleagues have access to the necessary resources to operate as effectively from home as from the office, as proved by the many of us who are currently working remotely and have done so many times in the past.

We provide regular updates based on UK government advice to staff on how to minimise the chance of catching the virus and how to “self-isolate” should they become infected.  We also have access to contract staff if a significant proportion of staff become unavailable for prolonged periods due to illness.

Modifications to our interactions with customers

To reiterate, we do not currently envisage material impact to both project delivery or ongoing provision of service.

The primary area which will require adaption is any requirement for a face to face meeting with you. We will always seek your approval ahead of arranging meetings and recognise that your own company policies in relation to COVID-19 may already dictate changes to your working practices, as we have already seen. In turn, we hope you are supportive of any changes to our policies that may result in adjustments to our travel arrangements.

Currently our default position is to conduct meetings remotely.

Capture are well equipped and used to running client and internal meetings over video or audio link as many of you will already have experienced, and we will maintain great client communications throughout this period.

Should the situation escalate significantly we will inform you, along with all our customers, about the potential impact, if any. For now, it is business as usual – albeit remotely.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (, our support team ( or your account manager should you have any further queries.


Nick Caw,

CEO, Capture


Nick Caw has previously worked for Microsoft, and has 20 years’ experience building growth-orientated technology organisations.

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