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More than software

Our Digital Asset Management software is just one part of the picture. At Capture, we also provide Managed Services to maximise the value of your assets and streamline processes for your team.

Without effective and consistent meta data, keywords and categorisation, your content won’t be discoverable or targeted to the right audiences. This not only impacts the commercial performance of your assets, but also creates inefficient workflows and higher costs.

Our Managed Services enhance an asset throughout its entire lifecycle, from ingestion to commercialisation and every step in between. With our deep understanding of best practices, we will take control of your assets and provide regular insights on their performance so that we can continually boost their reach.

Capture Founder

“Content is only as good as it’s metadata, keywording, discoverability and categorisation. Otherwise, it’s like trying to find a rain drop in the Atlantic Ocean”

Abbie Enock – Founder and Chairman of Capture

Giving valuable time back to your team

Often, it’s a lack of resource and disjointed workflows that are the ultimate barriers to creating a prosperous collection. Through our always-on Managed Services, we offer a helping hand when you need extra support or can act as a full resource to bolster your digital asset workflow. As well as managing set tasks, we can also respond to user enquiries and requests to free-up time for your team to focus on more high-value activities.

But we do more than plug the resource gap. As an extension of your team, we’ll also get to know your business and find ways to simplify processes and reduce your operating costs.


Standard Keywording

Customised Keywording

Specialist Keywording


Alt Text


Subtitling Video

Creating E-mailers


Re-touching images

Creating Visual Catalogues






Custom Data Mapping


Technical Quality Control

Organising Content




Customer – facing tasks

Reactive sales


Sales Reports


Allocated distributor, who will oversee the communications with the recipient

Establishing fastest, the most reliable and cost-efficient methods of distribution

Setting up cross platform distribution

Monitoring the process

Providing distribution report


Content/Data Ingestion

Creating Groups

Setting up the site structure using WordPress

Setting up user groups and permissions

Setting up Price Book if required

Metadata configuration

Permalink Mapping

Creating Reports


General overview of Capture Back-Office

General overview of Capture Front-End

Submissions Module – How To

Submissions Back-Office – How To

Setting up WordPress

Price Book

Data Mapping

Keywording using Capture DAM

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Elevating assets

Through a number of strategic activities, we make our clients’ collections more successful. We help internal teams access the right content, increase asset downloads and make search terms more accurate to amplify licensing revenue. By identifying opportunities for existing-owned content to be repurposed, we’ll also save you costs on buying in media.

Our Managed Services solve pain points and unlock opportunities for our clients. That is why we always take the time to understand your ways of working and strategic priorities, so that we can feed into your vision and help you achieve it.

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“Since working with Capture, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly with regard to the direct and prompt support from team members. I enjoy the rapport we have and our shared goal for Mint Images to commercially succeed.”

Duncan Grossart, CEO, Mint Images 

Managed Service Provided:

Capture Professional Services team manages the following tasks on behalf of the Mint Team in 8 working hours per week:

  • Managing and keywording all content from upload to publication.
  • Distribution of new content each month and marketing.
  • Managing invoicing and preparing commission reports
  • Over 61,000 images in the market today (Premium Royalty Free content).
  • Premium Image content is distributed each month by Capture to 45 agents, from over 50 world-class photographers.
  • The gross licensing revenue from the collection is just over US $10 million in the 10 years since the launch of the Mint Images collection.

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