Why ‘Capture Express’ is a no brainer

January 27, 2016 mallindine

Why ‘Capture Express’ is a no brainer

1. Firstly we are experts in royalty, rights and image licensing combined with powerful digital asset management serving the world’s top cultural institutions and businesses globally.

2. You can be up and running with Capture EXPRESS in less than a day.  It has been designed specifically to cater for quick and easy digital asset management and it’s a system that can be deployed rapidly.  Clients can use the system immediately to load, store, search and retrieve content for any project via a web browser – it really is that straightforward.

3. It maybe our core system but still, it provides you with the 5 key elements that service the majority of digital asset management needs.  Capture EXPRESS is made up of the top five key elements of the Capture platform – MEDIA, CRM, CMS, WEBSITE and REPORTS. With this combination anyone has an organisation wide solution to manage assets.  Key contacts and suppliers of services such as marketing, graphic design, PR and advertising can benefit from this end to end DAM solution.

4. The permissions module provides you with control and the beauty of this centralised system is that anyone, or those you have granted access permission to, can obtain assets quickly and easily without having to ask someone, try and find them or trawl through CD’s and hard drives.


5. As your business evolves, it’s not a problem, you can add further modules.  Capture EXPRESS can be expanded to provide a full singing and dancing system with, for example; keyword management, finance, invoicing, royalty management, full permissions and extended storage to terabytes upon terabytes.


To say that ‘Capture Express it’s a no brainer is rather simplistic, but in essence it’s a system like no other in that it provides all the tools to be able to build a system now and for the future, but with the added advantage that you can start today – no project plans or builds, an immediate deployment.

To try Capture EXPRESS, call us on +44 (0) 1491 873011 for a demo and a 14 day trial, or request a demo here.


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