Tour Britain via Capture DESK

January 19, 2017 mallindine

Tour Britain via Capture DESK

Using a powerful tool designed for Picture Researchers, VisitBritain is promoting its campaigns.

Capture DESK is software designed to find, manage, collaborate, organise and submit visual media for publication.  A boon to picture researchers and editors, who use it to coordinate projects, VisitBritain, which aims to attract people to come to the UK on holiday, has found a whole new and innovative way to utilise its functionality.

VisitBritain is currently using Capture DESK as a campaign tool. They have what they call their ‘Influencers’ – everyday social media bloggers and photographers who create and submit images to the stream showing unique aspects of Britain.

Image editors at VisitBritain go through the ‘Influencer’ picture feeds, and when they find an image that is interesting, they right-click the image – sending it straight into Capture DESK.  The image editor is then easily able to put together a selection of images – similar to sharing a light box – and distribute the project to rest of the campaign team, whether they are VisitBritain staff, or external partners worldwide.  Everything is then in one place for easy viewing for all.

Previously, VisitBritain could not synchronise the photo stream easily – so people had to look through multiple websites for pictures. Now, with Capture DESK, as photos are sent in, they can be easily collated and shared, thus saving time and money. The copyright owner of the image can also be traced more easily when using Capture DESK.

This is reflected in VisitBritain’s latest campaign, launched last year and rolling out globally, called #OMGB (Oh My GREAT Britain) – Britain, Home of Amazing Moments which is about showing great images of different parts of the UK. The campaign showcases the best of Britain’s wide range of authentic experiences and activities filmed on locations across Britain ranging from countryside and coast to food, culture and heritage.

The image stream is fed by Capture DESK and shows the way that this advanced application can send edited images across the internet to multiple clients all over the world. It is not just picture researchers/photobuyers and publishers who can use this powerful tool – it enables the selection and curation of images in other ways, as VisitBritain has shown. Users can speed up often-cumbersome workflow. Click here to download a data sheet to find out more.


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