Harnessing the Capture Platform


  • All media assets hosted and accessed on Capture system.
  • With advanced permissions, host company-wide and ‘non-live’ content that can be exclusively accessed by certain departments or staff
  • Includes backup and restoration by default 
Aggregated Search

  • Pull in third-party content – from stock image libraries and other content providers – into a central repository for searching
  • Building aggregated search across approved sources enter the platform, meaning the most relevant assets percolate to the top – and research choices are always best value.

Why is storage important?

As individuals and organisations, we are producing content at an increasing rate, with numerous options for storing and accessing our assets.  This however leads to a fragmented collection of “islands of data”, causing problems, such as reduced visibility on what we own, and risk losing this precious content.


Capture has been offering digital asset management hosting to our customers for 20 years, providing a solid and secure place to safely house your assets.


At Capture, we understand that sometimes people and businesses need a helping hand – or an entire outsourced workforce.

Therefore, we never just leave you with our technology – we will be there every step of the way to help you get the most from your investment.


In that time, we have built tools and processes for managing large data sets, that some organisations struggle to deal with.

This allows us to deliver a stable platform to house your assets, safe in the knowledge that they are protected.


Every system is setup within our monitoring platform to be checked every minute from random locations around the globe. Should any of these locations fail to access the system, it will then check from another location and should both locations fail, our team will be notified immediately. This allows us to respond to any system issues quickly and efficiently.

As well as availability, every request on the Capture Web 3 platform is timed and centrally recorded, allowing us to see trends and problems, before they impact your end users. This helps us to ensure your system is not only available, but always running at its best.



Housed within a secure, ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified facility, our equipment is protected by 24/7 on-site security, CCTV (with 90-day retention) and 6-layer access control systems.

In addition to the physical security, the environment also has an N+1 60-minute UPS system, a N+1 Generator provision, with a minimum of 24 hours of fuel at full load, N+1 Cooling system, and FM2000 fire suppression systems.

Combined, this provides highly redundant and fault tolerant systems for Physical Security, Power and Cooling.

Storage and Backups

Our storage is made up of enterprise class storage arrays, with RAID6 Volumes, providing reliable, high capacity storage for our clients.

With 100’s of TB’s of active storage, Capture is used to dealing with both small and large asset archives.



Shared Hosting

Capture offers a highly cost-effective way to host your DAM solution. Hosted by Capture.

Shared hosting reduces the operational burden for your in-house IT team and provides you with a single point of contact should any issues occur with your system.

Dedicated Servers

Depending on the size of your archive, and security requirements, Capture may recommend a dedicated implementation, housed within the same infrastructure as our Shared hosting platform.

A dedicated solution allows for more bespoke configuration, and when processing and storage performance is heightened, for example asset processing. Other use cases include regulatory and to adhere organisational security policies.

On Premise Hosting

Capture can be installed on your own infrastructure, where we will happily setup and configure the environment for you. The exact setup of this can be flexible, depending on your internal requirements, and we have worked with many clients in different industries to meet their internal IT needs.

We have deployed systems in both Physical and Virtual Environments, on Windows and Linux hosts, and with Local, DAS and SAN based storage.

Whatever your internal requirements, our experienced team will work with your in-house IT team to ensure that you have a system to suit your needs.