Steve Lake offers a personal view of his first DAM EU Conference, London 2015

July 7, 2015 mallindine

Steve Lake offers a personal view of his first DAM EU Conference, London 2015


Steve Lake, our new Head of Managed Services, gives a personal view of his first DAM Conference

Now I like a well-chosen pun as much as the next person; I’m not averse to the occasional acronym either. But when you’re attending a two day conference during which every second sentence contains the acronym DAM (Digital Asset Management for those not in the know), then you have to set your tolerance pretty high.

‘This is a DAM good conference’

‘They serve a DAM tasty lunch’

‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a DAM’

You get the picture. When I blithely suggested, during the convivial post-conference drinks at the Dover Castle, that we might introduce a moratorium on DAM puns (there I go again) I was met with a very frosty response.

Throw in a healthy number of PIM’s, UAT’s, SAP’s, CRM’s and CSM’s and mix well with taxonomy and ontology and you have a potent brew for the uninitiated.

You see, I was a DAM Conference virgin (I promise to stop now). Although I had spent the best part of 25 years working in the picture library industry, using DAM’s of ever increasing complexity and sophistication to manage and license content, this was my first exposure to the inner workings of the industry that had supplied those systems I was so familiar with.

Just 3 weeks after joining the team at Capture as Head of Managed Services, I was plunged into two days of frequent bafflement, occasional eureka moments, frantic scribbling, interesting people and fascinating conversations. By the end, I was even feeling confident enough to ask a question. And no one laughed.

Two things really stood out. The first was the extent to which a highly specialised, little known, slightly inward-looking (in a good way) industry underpins so much high profile activity – from the marketing of a global corporation like Diageo to the e-commerce arm of Marks & Spencer. Quite simply, neither of these and countless other examples would function without a well-run DAM system underpinning the whole operation.

The second was the passion and engagement of the people involved. No one knew who I was. What’s more, it rapidly became clear that there was a chance I was going to try to sell them something. And yet everyone I approached was generous with their time, happy to chat and open to my half-baked ideas and notions.

So on balance, if being a part of this vibrant, stimulating industry is dependent on putting up with a few ropey puns and learning a few new acronyms, then I don’t think that’s too shabby a deal.

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