We work with some of the biggest sporting names in the world, to bring immediacy to teams where every second counts.


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Rapid, effortless distribution of all digital asset and metadata to multiple simultaneous global destinations within 30 seconds of shutter click, and automatic preparation of metadata for agents worldwide

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Control exclusive access to some of the world’s most outstanding imagery by assigning different collections of images to different sponsors, partners and clients using advanced permissions and branded landing pages. 

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“This year our photographic production is larger and more extensive than ever before – and being delivered faster than ever before too. It is Capture who provides us with the tools to deliver this content so quickly.”

Wimbledon – Bob Martin, Photography Liaison Manager

Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds
British Library
Transport for London digital asset management
RSPCA digital asset management
Natural history museum RSPCA Wimbledon english heritage digital asset management

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