Reach for the sky

February 2, 2016 mallindine

Reach for the sky

Why stock footage created by drones is changing our image libraries…

After recently viewing some shaky archive aerial footage, it struck me how times have changed. The stock industry is a changing market and embracing the new is key to staying ahead and ensuring library content stays fresh. It’s an imperative for the stock photography industry.

But what has this got to do with unsteady aerial photography? To surmise in one word ‘Drone’.

There is a new awareness surrounding these ‘flying robots’. It’s the trend of the unmanned aircraft which are on the increase, humming around your head at the local park, regularly used now at sporting events and on the sets of Film and TV. The stock industry have seized this opportunity and have harvested the arrival of this new content captured by Drones.

This is not to say that the amateurish material shot from above showing the dog playing in the park is the way forward, but we are now in an era where aerial photography created cost-effectively (in comparison to the expensive but tremulous helicopter footage) is going to forge a new way of creating stock footage. This new way of filming has already started to revolutionise the media industry, with large corporations like SKY having whole teams of dedicated Drone Camera operators trained and in action.



The Managed Collections Team here at Capture are bang on trend and currently embarking on a very specialist collection of stills and footage obtained from archaeological sites and places of historic interest by Samuel Magal. His new collection brings to life (a bit like a David Lean film) amazing content and we’re very excited about introducing this huge offering of Drone footage to the industry this Spring. In the meantime why not check out these amazing Drone examples.


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