The human element is as important as the technology in all our projects, which is too reflected in our packages


Simple, powerful, ready-to-roll digital asset management (DAM) at your fingertips – load, store, tag, protect, search, find, download, manage all your content easily on your own branded site, available to the public, internal staff or a mix of both.


Manage and sell your digital content through a branded e-commerce site, which includes SEO for increased web visibility, enhanced permissions, state-of-the art keywording, distribution, a slick royalty engine and more.


Be hot off the press and the first to post iconic content with a package that allows for on-site, ringside editing on a robust, portable dedicated server, combining the flexibility of the ‘cloud’ with the immediacy of a fast-moving event.


Sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we believe in the power of customisation. Choose from our technology building blocks to create a solution that is unique to you and your digital content.

Have more than one office, department or team?

Capture GALAXY provides an extensible multi-centre approach – each centre configured different for local workflows and the ability for all systems to talk to each other and share content.

  • Centres can have different configurations – not one size fits all
  • Zero disruption when new centres are added.
  • Limitless extendibility – There is no cap on the number of centres and repositories that could be embraced.
  • No extra hosting costs – while assets can be shared between centres, the high res is only held in one place.


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