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Showcase your unique archives and collections on a beautifully designed, intuitive, web-based platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

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We understand the complexities 

Whether it is integrating with various other internal systems, providing state-of-the-art image protection, or creating commercial ventures through monetisation of content – we’ve developed a highly flexible platform that can be configured for a variety of needs to manage the entire lifecycle of digital content, and an outsourcing department with creative experts to help with daily workflows.

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Clarity is key – when you have several systems it’s important to not fall into the trap of housing islands of data, none of which communicates with each other.

Capture’s API has allowed for integrations with countless systems, including collections management systems, finance systems, CRMs, content management systems, marketing platforms, payment gateways and middleware to provide a seamless experience across all data sources, leveraging imperative information.

Image royalties


With an array of licensing options, and a full royalties and finance workflow, monetising your collections has never been so easy for both your organisation and customers.

Generate invoices, record asset sales, bulk import agent statement items, purchase ledger, full management accounting functions and reports in a complete web based solution.

Digital Asset Management


You may have a good number of virtual visitors – but there is always room for more, right?

One of the main ways to drive more engagement is through your biggest champions, encouraging them to share the content they are already engaging with, through powerful sharing and collaborative functionality.

Digital asset management


A well-designed platform is crucial to attracting and capturing the attention of your virtual visitors.

Built on WordPress, our clean website templates provide an enhanced user experience and adding animations, different layouts and colour to suit the character of your archive and giving you greater flexibility to make your own changes.

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Screenshot from Chicago History Museum Images
(powered by Capture)

Virtual Visitors

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, museums and heritage organisations have huge potential to jump on the digital bandwagon and ensure that their content is not confined to a shelve in the museum, but in fact readily available all around the globe.

Digital archives are a fantastic alternative to spread the contents of archives across the globe – to audiences who would have never been able to step foot inside a museum – with the potential to reach masses and generate a whole host of ‘virtual visitors’.

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“It is a real pleasure to work with the Capture team and my experience has been nothing but positive. Capture’s support for getting on board and maintaining all functionality has been excellent and our needs are always met quickly. We are delighted with the website and looking forward to a new chapter in Images & Licensing at the Chicago History Museum.”

Angela Hoover, Rights and Reproductions Manager / Chicago History Museum