Love your client on Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2017 mallindine

Love your client on Valentine’s Day

Humans are a pair-bonding species. The special bond between Capture and our clients is celebrated on February 14th each year, and we think that several important things make a good, long term relationship…

That first meeting, where you see each other across a crowded CEPIC and think, suddenly, this company might be right to get hold of our technology and clasp it tightly.

Followed by a wooing process, where both parties are eager, yet unsure…

Then you tie the knot.  It may be a short-term renewable contract, but everyone hopes these things will last.  At Capture, some of our clients have been with us for well over a decade.


We aim to be compatible with our clients’ needs and business interests. Working as we do in publishing, heritage, visual media and business, we always align ourselves with our clients’ business needs, so we both flourish together.

Good Communication

There’s usually a honeymoon period when our businesses start going steady together.  But organisations, like people, grow and develop.  Good communications, openness, and flexibility ensure that as the client moves forward, Capture ensures that their application will develop too, by customisation and perhaps advanced training for the client’s people.


This is essential to a business bond.  As the company will be entrusting Capture with its digital media assets, which are valuable, and of course need to be backed up and safeguarded, mutual confidence needs to be paramount.


Obviously, a client isn’t just for Valentine’s Day.  At Capture we snuggle up to their assets and data all the time, creating profits and turnover, and managing these efficiently so the client can sleep soundly, knowing their media is in safe hands.

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