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“It is a real pleasure to work with the Capture team and my experience has been nothing but positive. Capture’s support for getting on board and maintaining all functionality has been excellent.”

Angela Hoover / Rights and Reproductions Manager
National gallery Ireland

“We are delighted with the website and looking forward to a new chapter in Images & Licensing at the National Gallery of Ireland and a long and happy partnership with Capture.”

Marie McFeely / Images & Licensing Officer
Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds

Developing and integrating digital projects can be complex, therefore what also appealed to us about Capture was their dedicated project management staff and direct input from client services senior staff.”

Adam Lumb / Head of Commercial Development and IP

Common challenges

We talk to IT departments, digital leads and commercial teams every day – and repeatedly, they are faced with the same challenges.

Outdated, unsupported software

Often, we see legacy systems that were brought in years ago – which were great at the time. However, since the digital environment changes at a rapid pace, there are many different needs that aren’t addressed by these older systems, which have seldom been updated since initial implementation.

Capture’s Solution

That’s why we already have one eye on the future – our roadmap, constructed from client feedback and market demand, ensures we are continually investing in our platform – to stay ahead of the curve, and meet not only today’s needs, but tomorrow’s too.

Managing inhouse systems

Systems that have been developed in-house have the benefit of being personalised to your exact needs – but can be a headache to maintain and manage. Not only do you have to manage user requests, support, general upkeep of the system, but ultimately you are responsible for its success. 

Capture’s Solution

We take this responsibility and stress off of your hands, with a platform developed, managed and maintained by our team. 

With support built into every package, we also have a team of skilled technical staff to help with processes such as data migration and system configuration. 

Hosting troubles

Hosting can be a headache. On-premise isn’t a very scalable solution, which is problematic in a culture of continuous growth of data and assets, whereas cloud storage solutions offer this flexibility, but costs can add up rapidly.

Capture’s Solution

With hundreds of TB’s of active storage, Capture is used to dealing with both small and large asset archives and associated storage processes.

Our data centre is a secure, ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified facility, with our equipment is protected by 24/7 on-site security, CCTV (with 90-day retention) and 6-layer access control systems.

In addition to the physical security, the environment also has an N+1 60-minute UPS system, a N+1 Generator provision, with a minimum of 24 hours of fuel at full load, N+1 Cooling system, and FM2000 fire suppression systems.

Combined, this provides highly redundant and fault tolerant systems for Physical Security, Power and Cooling.

Adherance to standards/regulations

As with every industry, in the cultural/heritage sector there are set standards and regulations that must be adhered to – these have to be baked into each and every system.

Capture’s Solution

Our years of experience in this sector has helped us to shape our platform to take on board these necessary standards. For example, we work with clients to help align them with the recently implemented Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Other areas we’ve developed align with new standards include our metadata (IPTC) and licensing options (including Creative Commons).

Visibility of performance data

Performance data is crucial to show you how your users are engaging with your platform, what isn’t being engaged with, sales made (picture library) and more – it all helps ensure that the system has a return on investment (ROI) and makes it all the more easier to make better business decisions.

Capture’s Solution

With a dedicated reports module, and a team experienced in building customised reports, the platform is able to impart invaluable knowledge to inform your future strategies. 

For public facing sites, such as picture libraries, Google Analytics is set up as part of the project, which will give you power to see how wider audiences are engaging with your content, and the all import sales made.

Investing in digital revenue streams in light of COVID-19

As a result of COVID-19, footfall revenue in the cultural and heritage sector has no doubt suffered – minimal visitors, closed shops, empty exhibitions. For many institutions this has meant an investment in digital revenue streams and a focus on digital engagement.

Capture’s Solution

Museums are not short for content, which is one of the most powerful tools in today’s digital landscape that drives engagement, discussion and commercialisation. 

Not only are there revenue opportunities through licensing content via an image/footage libraries, but a DAMS ensures , a secure place to house their irreplaceable digital assets and a means of digital preservation.


Complex legacy models

With legacy systems, come legacy models – these may be around licensing, access or usage, but sometimes these processes can stay stagnant for many months or even years. Often these old methods of working are desperate to be revisited and refreshed, aligned with current organisational objectives, how your customers are now interacting with your institution, and to move with the times.

Capture’s Solution

With a new system comes an exciting, (and often overdue), opportunity to rewrite old working practices. At Capture, we are at hand to put our decades of experience to use through consultancy, services and support to help you formalise the best working practices, methods and workflows.

We strive to make our product user-friendly and configurable to adapt to various workflows, and can provide advanced training to numerous users. Change has never been so welcome.

Lack of integration

Clarity is key – when you have several systems it’s important to not fall into the trap of housing islands of data, none of which communicates with each other.

Capture’s Solution

Capture’s API has allowed for integrations with countless systems, including collections management systems, finance systems, CRMs, content management systems, marketing platforms, payment gateways and middleware to provide a seamless experience across all data sources, leveraging imperative information.

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