“How do I do whatever” – the life and times of Capture’s Support System

February 2, 2017 mallindine

“How do I do whatever” – the life and times of Capture’s Support System

Capture systems come as a package. There are always questions to be answered and users to be helped.  The basis of the support system at Capture is to take care of clients on an ongoing basis.  Some issues perhaps have a scope beyond even the ingenuity of a Capture techie:  “How do I do whatever,” was one ticket that came in.  This seems more a philosophical enquiry than a plea for technical help, and should have been referred to a lifestyle counsellor!

Support is delivered via tickets raised in the integrated portal.  Staffed during business hours by an in-house first line support team, based at Capture’s UK HQ, users can communicate with any member of the Capture support team with a question, problem or a general enquiry.  The client assigns a priority of critical, high, medium or low to their issue.  Critical matters are dealt with in one business day, with lower priorities being answered as soon as possible, although some queries can take time to resolve.

The ticketing system is quite varied in what it flags up to our team each day. Some of the tickets raised are questions that can be answered by the technical team, sometimes it’s something not working as expected, or a minor bug is detected. Another item might be an update needed by the client (known as an RFE or Request For Enhancement). Capture works very closely with its users to ensure that its applications maximise customer benefits.

An analysis of queries sent through the Support System showed a high level of interest in ‘Searches and Advanced Search’ followed closely behind with an emphasis on ‘ browse & search’ as one of the most popular and widely-used Capture system tools.  Because Capture’s searches are powerful and involve lots of key wording – these sophisticated search questions come in regularly as users are keen to get the best out of their system and the functionality it offers.

The third most popular ticket is ‘Sales by Asset’, here clients are keen to learn more by analysing their sales and as the Capture system offers very sophisticated reporting it’s a popular area of ticketing and clients become really involved in complex reporting with a hunger to find out how to analyse traffic to boost turnover.

The last category of tickets are oddball requests that don’t fit a normal enquiry. These cover a range of topics and are probably often the result of a late night or early morning start.

Finally, clients may also request additional training through the support system, which can be offered online, or increasingly through short video guides.

At Capture we really focus on working in partnership with our clients so whether you have an existing Capture system or are looking to invest in a new DAM solution rest assured Capture look forward to a long and fruitful relationship through the ongoing training and support we can offer.

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