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Educational digital asset management

Stand out from the competition

With more and more educational options now than there have ever been, schools and universities are faced with some seriously fierce competition. With a little help from Capture you’ll be to be able to pull together dynamic, exciting prospectuses, social media posts and adverts to draw in future talent at your institution.

Saving money couldn’t be simpler

Housing all content in one central location, whereby it is easy to search across enables content to be found quickly, and therefore eliminates the cost of duplicating it.

Clear visibility on the rights and permissions of each image, infographic or video means that staff can determine whether they can reuse suitable content, again minimising costs of content creation for every new campaign or project.


Easy accessible content

Chances are you have an array of content – educational videos as part of the courses students are studying, student headshots and background information for staff, and financial and legal documents for very senior staff.

With a digital asset management solution from Capture you can serve all these different pools of users without having several, complex systems in place.

Compliance and peace of mind

GDPR is still a nail-biting issue, with all of us desperate to ensure we are fully compliant. When working in the educational sphere, there is no escape from handling sensitive, personal data on a daily basis.

With Capture, we’ll make sure that all the personal information you store about a student is in one central and secure location, and with advanced permission controls ensure that only those who must see it have access.

Digital Asset Management Licencing

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