Capture ‘ROYALTIES’ – making the split

February 24, 2016 mallindine

Capture ‘ROYALTIES’ – making the split

Many companies within the stock industry have already risen to the challenge and invested in a powerful royalty management system to manage contributor payments – one of the requirements needed in today’s busy work environment in order to stay competitive. However if your organisation still continues to struggle with manual royalty payments, read on to find out how easy Capture ROYALTIES could make your life.

Have you considered how you manage a two-way split commission that occurs between a contributor and an agency? It’s not always straightforward with varying percentages at various stages in the process. With Capture’s newly launched stand-alone web-based royalty management system we can help you!

This new product from Capture will allow you to add an overall percentage for all contributor accounts as well as set specific percentages for individual contributors according to their agreements. Imagine the time and trouble saved with this level of automation.

And what about Complex Commissions? ‘ROYALTIES’ also offers a solution for complex commission payments where you can vary percentages at different stages of the process for commission based on a licence, collection, asset, sale, referral and contributor type as needed and again in line with contributor agreements.

Introducer Commission is another and very popular requirement – it’s a special commission that needs to be routed back to the introducers of a contributor when a sale has been made. An option for split commission is also available – used for any number of parties sharing the commission on an asset or sharing the commission on a particular job.

Financial activities that are associated with royalty management can get quite complex for the footage and photo industry and each year billions of pounds are maintained by managing royalties, whether it’s through generating spreadsheets, printing and distributing statements to photographers, or just by accounts departments spending time processing the various complexities of payments. Automating any of these processes is an efficient way forward and where many royalty payments are managed each month or quarter, manual actions can be time consuming, money depleting and generally put financial pressure on an organisation.

Further benefits of Royalties’ include;

  • Keep track of timely payments
  • Manage multiple payments quickly and easily
  • Retain and control all records in one place
  • Secure, robust and easy browser-based access
  • Manage payments for contributors and represented agencies.
  • Allow contributors and agencies to view their statements online

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