Capture DESK – efficient media research

March 15, 2016 mallindine

Capture DESK – efficient media research

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child… when I became an adult I put away childish things and started to use Capture DESK.

It’s unlikely that many of us can remember, but having watched my nieces from small babies play with their toys, I am quite sure that my own parents must have spent time cursing me as they tripped over the toy car I’d left in the middle of the landing. As I grew a little older I do recollect my parents scolding me for not clearing my shoes away or haranguing me to tidy my bedroom.

Then I go to ‘Big’ school and one of the most exciting things on the school calendar was the start of the new school year when I could purchase my new pencil case, cover my new books in wrapping paper and organize my flip up school desk. By the time I’m sitting my exams it’s all been about teaching me life skills, to organise myself and have the ability to collaborate with other members of the human race – so I can function in the big wide world.

Today school is all about the Internet, Google and a desktop computer! Interestingly though it’s still about being organised and collaborating. In fact with the Internet & social media we are communicating more than ever before and unbelievably sharing 700 million images per day – and that’s on Facebook alone! So there’s a different challenge now; organising all the content in order to make the right decision. Individual researchers, publishing departments or any creative professional need to do this on a daily basis in order to convey an idea or illustrate a book but it can be incredibly time consuming and potentially hazardous. The solution is Capture DESK.


Capture DESK is a highly-efficient web-based project organizer. It enables a user to store, aggregate, compare, shortlist, and select all types of digital content and its associated metadata. Images, video, audio and documents can easily be uploaded from a desktop, or direct from multiple websites. Having done so colleagues can collaborate, image rights can be managed and content can be licensed.

To save even more time, the unique right-click function allows low-resolution images and their associated metadata to seamlessly flow from websites directly to the folder of choice.

We’re always going to have to be organized and the good news is we’ve evolved from organizing our flip up school desk to ‘Capture DESK’. Now we can be truly collaborative globally with just the one right-click!

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