Association for Cultural Enterprises – Looking at Licensing Study Day

July 23, 2015 mallindine

Association for Cultural Enterprises – Looking at Licensing Study Day

Steve Lake, our Head of Managed Services, reflects on a recent Licensing Study Day

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah for a speaker to stand in front of an audience of wheezing, sweating and frustrated commuters who have just walked/cycled/paraglided (delete as appropriate) across London due to a 24 hour tube strike and announce that he’s representing Transport for London.

To be fair to Michael Walton, he did explain that, as Head of Trading for London Transport Museum, he wasn’t really responsible for the strike, and such was his self-deprecating humour that no one threw anything at him (maybe they didn’t have the energy).

Michael and his fellow speakers were at the Wallace Collection – a wonderful free museum in an historic Marylebone town house – to talk about the opportunities and pitfalls of brand licensing for cultural institutions.

A theme soon emerged. It’s very easy to look at wonderful collections like the Royal Academy, Tate, Geffrye Museum and Bodleian Library – all represented on the day – and assume they’re a licence to print money when released into the commercial arena. But successful licensing, whether of the brand itself or of component parts such as images – one of Capture’s areas of expertise – requires sound knowledge, not just of your own content but also of the market into which you’re licensing.

James Bulgin, Brand Licensing Manager at Imperial War Museums, gave an enlightening and refreshingly honest (as this wasn’t a tale of unqualified success) account of IWM’s foray into the world of brewing. On the back of their work to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, IWM partnered with Edinburgh’s Caledonian brewery to produce Old Contemptible, a specialist brown ale.

Authenticity was everything: authentic WW1 name, authentic WW1 branding, authentic WW1 back story. Unfortunately they also went for an authentic WW1 taste. And tastes have moved on. So while IWM staff were delighted with the end product, revelling in its historical integrity, the nation’s beer drinkers have so far been less convinced. Watch this space though because, like the British Tommy on the label, Old Contemptible is not going down without a fight and plans are afoot for a re-launch.

The ability to understand the needs of both the client and the end user is something Capture is very familiar with. Our range of media management solutions allow clients to streamline their workflows and increase productivity and efficiency. But we don’t just deliver a system and then stroll off into the sunset. We provide a range of services that complement your system – from keywording and distribution to content monetisation and full collection management – ensuring that it works for both you and your clients.

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Image Courtesy of Imperial War Museum

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