Are you searching to be advanced?

August 20, 2018 Elizabeth Cousins

Are you searching to be advanced?

Are you in the dark when it comes to advanced searching? All the commas, brackets, spaces and symbols getting you confused? Well fear not – here at Capture we have worked closely with our Creative Director, Simon Mallindine, to decode the perplexity surrounding search. In our latest e-book, which you can download here we demonstrate how advanced searching works within Capture WEBSITE 3.0 (CW3).


For those of you who are currently enjoying working in Capture WEBSITE 3.0, or for anyone currently considering an investment in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, this blogs aims to demonstrate the power of advanced searching, and its functionality within the Capture system- and actually, you’d be surprised how simple it is!

CW3 Home Page Screenshot


Firstly, why use advanced search?

Advanced searching is an extremely powerful way to search with direct access to individual metadata fields and multiple search operators. It allows you to curate assets in a very fast and very accurate manner, using a code based search command typed into the search box on the CW3 site.

Ok, so how do I use it?

In a Capture system, the advanced search command should be entered with an at sign (@) preceding the metadata field name, followed by a colon (:) after the metadata field name, then followed by the search term and any operators, followed by a stroke (/) to signify the end of the search term for that field. The stroke (/) terminator allows spaces and phrases to be used within the search.

In its simplest form the search command would be:

@{metadata field}:{search term}/

So a simple search for the name ‘Smith’ in the metadata field ‘Doctor’ would be entered as: @doctor:smith/

This would return all assets with the name ‘Smith’ in the ‘Doctor’ metadata field.


Can you combine commands?

Yes! The Capture system also facilitates several ways to modify and improve searches within specific metadata fields. These searches include…

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • Phrase searches
  • Strict order searches

So there you have it – a basic guide and sneak peak into how the CW3 supports your advanced searches. Remember, being able to conduct advanced searches is a really important consideration for anyone looking to manage or monetise their archives, due to its efficiency and time-saving qualities!

Be sure to dive a little deeper for more exclusive hints and tricks to make your searching easier and more efficient, by downloading our free eBook here.

Happy searching!




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