Abbie Enock’s vision for 2017

January 27, 2017 mallindine

Abbie Enock’s vision for 2017

Chatting with Capture’s CEO Abbie Enock about her technology predictions for the year – this is what she had to say…

Artificial Intelligence is moving forward, continually pushing the boundaries that devices can achieve. Abbie wonders if machines could ever turn out to be superior beings to us, an old science fiction idea which seems nearer than ever? At Capture we look to have a good balance between our technology and human creativity, but those areas are being eroded – a computer beat the world Go champion recently – a feat previously thought impossible because of the complexity of the Chinese game of strategy.

Abbie predicts that deep learning is going to be a huge opportunity for 2017 because it could enable developers to create applications in a way that was never possible before, and Neural Networks are proving to be a huge leap over traditional computer vision methods since they learn directly from the data they are fed. The reason why computers are able to handle multiple actions simultaneously is because of recent development of 3D processors and this is set to break loose in 2017, a good example of this is Japan’s recent investment in a £130 million super computer to explore Artificial Intelligence.

At the moment Google is developing a search where if for example you type in ‘bird’ into the new search engine it will come up with a picture of a bird without having the image key worded. This will be a significant breakthrough and of interest to the picture community because so many images are not currently key worded. It just takes a lot of computer power and we didn’t have it until now.

Curating Content by machine, Magazine EyeEm just published an issue where they had a computer EyeEm Vision do the work normally done by a picture editor. The application “recognises thousands of objects and concepts like feelings, moods, and so on. It can also recognize the potential aesthetics of a photograph. To do this, it assigns each photo an aesthetic score from 0 to 100.” So it has a “taste” criterion like humans. These are scary times for people – perhaps we will be replaced by machines after all.

Soon this will be combined with Augmented Reality – more visual imaging is going to be merging with Virtual Reality (created worlds), 360° imaging and Augmented Reality – overlaying information onto visual systems, such as heads-up displays in cars, but now with enhanced AI these new technologies can move into smartphones. Predictably this will first be used to sell you stuff as you walk past a shop. Possibly chocolate biscuits and a slimming programme simultaneously! Of course, as part of the ‘Internet of Things’ the item would be computer printed immediately, customised for you, but this isn’t likely to happen in 2017.

Encryption, Abbie suggests will move from geeky to mainstream, because encrypting your information has become important. With hacking commonplace, not to mention government spying, the normal need for privacy has become apparent. For non-geeks, using WhatsApp which claims automatic end-to-end encryption is an easy tool. Signal is another tool, used by whistleblower Edward Snowden, and now implemented by some newspapers for sending anonymous tip-offs.

Although Abbie lives and breathes technology, she has a great interest in what is current on the health front, she thinks more discoveries are likely to be made about Turmeric. It has been proven to have anti-cancer properties, but the humble yellow root has been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, but generally overlooked as part of conventional medicine in the West. Although the main active ingredient is called Curcumin, there is an argument for taking it as a wholefood, rather than an extract as it has all the other biologically-active compounds in this form. It has been beneficial for everything from diabetes to back pain, so look out for turmeric to be boosted as a Superfood.

Here at Capture we believe in a balance of yin and yang, so we will have a naughty glass of wine with our wholemeal crackers while we watch to see if Abbie’s predictions come to pass in 2017.

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