Abbie Enock’s trend take up for Capture in 2016

January 20, 2016 mallindine

Abbie Enock’s trend take up for Capture in 2016

Chatting with Capture’s CEO Abbie Enock about her trend predictions for the year – this is what she had to say…

With the month of January being all about health and fitness, this ties in with the huge trend set to continue throughout 2016 known as ‘ Wearable tech ’. Capture is awash with gadgets that track wearer information which relate to general health and fitness, Apple Watches are paired with iPhones, and android watches and Fitbits are all the rage. This is certainly ensuring that the Capture team are not sedentary in their work. “Ping – stand for one minute” ‘Big Brother’ assists in helping to remember to sit a little less and to take that all important lunch time walk.

A businessman with a laptop bag walking along a city sidewalk.

With the prevalence of technology fatigue in today’s working climate, wearable technology sets fitness goals helping us to make decisions like leaving the car at home and walking or cycling to work, these goals are key to being super productive. Wearable technology is recording our every move!

And what about our behavioural patterns? The ups and downs, highs and lows of the working day and how our mood is affected by the food and drink we consume during work hours. Take the health benefits of ‘Matcha Green Tea’ for example, another trend that seems to be ripping through the Capture offices this January.

Employees switching from coffee are realising the health benefits of this ‘cult’ green tea – with each hit providing 34mg of caffeine but with it lasting longer than a hit of 60mg coffee – which include a calming relaxing effect, great when you are working within a busy team.

Close up of a woman's hand holding a tea cup, wearing a bracelet.

A healthier workforce is a happier workforce, and at Capture new trends that promote good health are being used to help with work life balance which in turn allows more time to be creative and an ability to be more efficient to our customers.

But what of ‘Oculus Rift’? Have we here at Capture stepped into the rift?

Well not just yet, although it is another big trend on Abbie’s list for 2016; with it’s state of the art displays and optics, this VR headset is a step too far for even Abbie – we do still enjoy interacting as a real team in the real world.


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