2016 Digital Asset Management (DAM) Chart toppers

January 8, 2016 mallindine

2016 Digital Asset Management (DAM) Chart toppers

Top 4 considerations when choosing your DAM (digital asset management) system




1. Make sure it is the right solution for your digital image organisation

With your digital assets located in one place you will save time by having rapid access.  Top tips include:


  • Look for easy deployment with out-of-the-box solutions
  • Make sure training comes as part of the package
  • Demand reliable support & scalable storage
  • Be able to manage all types of digital files
  • Ensure it’s easy to use
  • Look for the ability to bulk upload
  • Be able to manage your rights & royalties
  • Control your permissions

2. Is it a powerful search engine for optimising your metadata?


You should check for these functions:

  • Does it tailor metadata to your needs?
  • Can you search for assets quickly & easily?
  • Will it add keywords to one or many assets?
  • Can you see what your users are looking at in order to deliver and display the right information?
  • Ensure that every asset can be correctly key-worded.

3. Feel confident that your system will load files fast – making them available to share to save you money


Some key indicators:

  • It can load multiple assets simultaneously, 100’s or 1000’s – no limits
  • It can store any file type – images, videos, documents, design & audio

Which means:

  • Courier costs for delivery are kept to a minimum
  • Recipients can download files in the appropriate formats
  • Colleagues can collaborate quickly
  • Speed up loading and the publishing process with the use of Hot Folders

4. Most importantly – are your assets protected?pe_7155-2

 It is all about trust…..

  • Invest in the right system: web-based, robust and fully secure
  • Be able to fully manage your intellectual property
  • Have control over your rights management with full control of all content
  • Utilise the powerful permissions that allow you to define who sees which assets and when
  • Manage administration access to control the entire system

Capture is a leader in Enterprise grade media management systems and services which includes rights, licensing, metadata and royalties. Capture’s systems are used by leading brands internationally with a reputation for expertise and experience and best in class customer care.

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