We recognise our technology is all about the people that use it - and imparting knowledge through excellent training is the best way to empower you.

In order to do this everything needs to be tackled in a logical order. The front-end is built on the back-office … so while look-and-feel for the front-end can be thought about and implemented, initial training must be focused on how to use the back-office to build content and attach metadata. From this everything – including the front-end design - flows.

Stage one

We conduct training immediately prior to using the various areas of the system you have purchased, so what is learned can be put into practice while at the forefront of your mind.

Getting started

During the initial session you will learn how to set up the system and get going with your work. Training is hands-on, with you and your team in the driving seat, so you learn and absorb. Documentation, a fully searchable manual and training videos provide excellent back-up material.

Knowledge transfer

Training is tailored to suit your needs, and can be face-to-face; remote; 1-to-1; 1-to-many – always by a Capture expert.

Making it stick

We find a short competence test - and certification - helps make the knowledge stick ... and helps your team have the confidence to champion the system, make it fly, and give you the best return possible on your technology investment.

Distance is no impediment to excellent training. We have found some clients love learning remotely because information can be delivered in short 'bytes', perhaps focusing on a particular area of the system.

Excellent training has many benefits beyond the obvious - including boosting morale, increasing system take-up, easing change management, enabling participants to train other members of staff ... and making sure everyone understands the full capabilities of the Capture system, so you can reap rich rewards from your investment in Capture technology.

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