Bulk services for high volume, high quality and low cost metadata and digital projects, carried out by our expert extended team - and subject to Capture's stringent quality control.

A socially-beneficial Capture service whereby we have trained an extended team of people, who are outside the normal commercial sphere, in modern metadata skills.

The benefits are manifold. The extended team - who could be homeworkers or in prison - get to use their time in a stimulating way, learning modern digital skills, working at times and locations to suit them, getting paid for carrying out a necessary job.

Meanwhile, for instance, the nation's valuable cultural visual content gets keyworded - and becomes available to us all.

Volume keywording

Low-cost high-volume keywording through a UK-based workforce.

Custom requirements

Have your assets keyworded efficiently and to your requirements.

Professional standards

Ensure that your assets are correctly keyworded to industry standards under the watchful eye of Capture's quality assurance team.

Improved search capability

Enhanced metadata means better and faster access to your assets, and their ability to be found.

Further benefits of STUDIO

  • Opportunity to improve sales through enhanced metadata and discoverability of assets.
  • Working with a dedicated team of experts to achieve your goals.

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