High-capacity hosting in the secure and robust private Capture 'cloud'.

Capture specialises in high-capacity hosting typically required by organisations that have millions of assets. Our hosting costs are designed to be affordable for all companies, including those with large amounts of content to store.

Shared server

The most cost-effective solution for those requiring up to 450GB of storage space.

Dedicated server

Your own server and storage, sold in 2TB slabs, for those needing more than 450GB of space, or who have intensive processing needs.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your assets and data are being backed up, off-site and on-site, every day.

Scalable and secure

All Capture systems are hosted in a highly secure data centre - and are scaleable both vertically and horizontally.

Additional Benefits

  • Varying levels of service level agreements available.
  • Capture support team will ensure that customer hosting requirements are continually met.
  • We understand the challenges of high-storage hosting — and backing up — huge volumes of digital assets. We think in terabytes, not gigabytes.
  • We have outstanding server management experience learned over decades, and are able to offer advice and custom solutions to anyone needing help in the specialist area of hosting large numbers of digital files.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Robust firewall protection.
  • 100% up-time regularly achieved.
  • Top specification branded equipment.
  • We already host a number of national institutions and e-commerce systems all requiring rigorous levels of security and up-time.

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