Lost in the digital jungle? Let our team of experts help you cut a fast path through. We can help see the wood for the trees in any type of situation.

Sometimes businesses and organisations reach a crossroads, and choosing which direction to take needs outside advice. Get the Capture team in to advise for impartial consultation.


We will help you package your assets so that they are more easily identifiable to existing and new customers, and will work collaboratively with you to help you build your bespoke licensing model, with the goal being to ensure that you get the most out of your assets.


Advice we provide ranges from doing a complete workflow analysis, to dealing with specific issues such as providing legal advice on an institution’s position regarding legacy model releases, or on a website redesign,or metadata quality - through to detailed quality control of digital images rights management and licencing.

Our experience

The team at Capture has more than 250 years' of combined industry experience, and - having worked with hundreds of companies over the last 20 years - practical experience in understanding workflows around the preparation and handling of digital assets, as well as associated business processes. We are a knowledgeable lot - give us a call - we love to help!


Our aim is to help people see ways of dramatically speeding up the way they work. We are experts in visual media, and can advise and train on all associated practices, including licensing and rights management, metadata, keywording and information architecture.

Further benefits of Consultancy

  • Working with a team of rights and licencing experts.
  • Help to maximise the value of your digital assets.
  • Increase your knowledge of digital trends in the industry - to help make informed decisions.
  • Boost your team morale by putting their work in the spotlight.

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