capture WEBSITE

Front-end 'shop window' solution for the Internet or intranet. Choose from home page templates - or design your own look and feel through the powerful Content Management System (CMS). Combined with the Capture Back-office solutions this product allows users across your whole organisation – or the public – to find, browse, shortlist, see rights and download any kind of digital asset, according to the privileges assigned to them.


capture WEBSITE is your store front. Select a compelling template from us - or design your own look and feel.

Your storefront

Users across your organisation - or the public - are able to access assets. capture WEBSITE is the doorway to creative discovery - allowing brilliant presentation of MEDIA MANAGER content.


Customise your website using a choice of elegant templates. Easily apply your content, logo, branding and text - or go for a completely custom design using either your, or our, designers to match your styles.

Search, protect, license!

Know what you have, where to find it - and how it can be used. Rights management is key. Be sure the right people are accessing the right assets. Add COMMERCE to license and monetise content.


A pre-configured and out-of-the-box front-end intended for internal Digital Asset Management (DAM) use or as a portfolio system.

Make the front-end system your own with your chosen template, colours and logos that can be adjusted to reflect company branding.

Optimise the user experience with controls that include a user registration page, a user log-in page, thumbnails and low-res previews. Provide an account page for users to change passwords or view other account details including downloads and lightboxes. Control audience participation by managing user access and permissions.

Use the range of forms to help interact with your customers including contact, media request and feedback forms. There are also standard templates included - 'about us', 'terms of use', 'data protection & privacy' that can be customised to take the worry out of the legalities.

Automatically interact with users via auto-emailed alerts or usage notification and an administrator's approval processes.

Optimise the user journey with unlimited lightboxes and standard e-commerce experiences, and manage their deliverables by setting download criteria base upon authorisation levels. Let customers' download via FTP or direct from the system.

English language is standard but multiple languages are available. Included is a customisable help section, a quick search function that includes multiple filters and an advanced search.


For public-facing websites we offer all the above - plus the ability to choose different licensing engines, e-commerce and other commercial functions.

Capture WEBSITE optional extras include

Predictive text – prompts to help users enter relevant search terms.
Refine search – provides users with hierarchical categorisation and filters to hone results.

All Capture WEBSITE systems are driven by Capture’s Content Management System (CMS). It allows you to change the look-and-feel of your website at any time to help keep your website fresh and relevant, without extra costs.

Alternatively Capture can provide a full design service – or we can equally work with your designers to “skin” the system exactly to your requirements.

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